MARINA SID/ SRB (Seaman’s Book) Online Application 2023

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Online application of MARINA’s SID/ SRB documents is now in full ahead.

With new regulations in place, our Seaman’s Book got a new upgrade. Seafarers will not be given a Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB) starting November 2019. 

Instead, they must apply for the new Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB).

A Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID), which is different from SRB, serves as the “identification” function of our seaman’s book.

You can apply both SID and SRB online which I will show you here.

Documentary Requirements

Before starting your application journey, it is very important to complete the requirements first. This includes your working email address.

Furthermore, there are only 3 categories in applying for MARINA SID/ SRB documents. These are NEW application, RENEWAL, and RE-ISSUANCE (Lost/ Damaged/ Reprint).

Seafarers’ Record Book (SRB)

Our SRB is a standalone document that is a must-have for every seaman. Here are the requirements you need. Replacement and re-issuance have now two categories – those on board and those ashore or while on vacation.

Please be guided accordingly for their requirements.

NEW Application

  1. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  2. Valid NBI Clearance.
  3. Certificate of Completion of Basic Training (BT).
  4. Married Contract issued by PSA (for married women).
  5. Documentary Stamp.
  6. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.

RENEWAL Application

  1. Original copy of expired SIRB/SRB.
  2. Valid NBI Clearance.
  3. Certificate of Completion of the Basic Training (BT) course.
  4. Marriage Contract issued by the PSA for married women.
  5. Documentary Stamp.
  6. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.

REPLACEMENT / RE-ISSUANCE (Lost/ Damaged / Used-up pages) ONBOARD

  1. Clearance Certificate from the MARINA Management Information Systems Service (MISS) for lost or copy of valid SRB for damaged or used-up pages
  2. Letter request from Company/ Agency.
  3. POEA-approved employment contract.
  4. Crew List signed by the Master of the ship;
  5. Clearance of no pending case/ obligation or unpaid penalty from MARINA Legal Service;
  6. Affidavit by the seafarer with confirmation/attestation by the Master as to the lost, damaged, or used-up pages of SRB;
  7. Company Affidavit of Undertaking that the seafarer concerned is a bona fide crew of the company (duly notarized);
  8. Documentary Stamp
  9. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.

REPLACEMENT / RE-ISSUANCE (Lost/ Damaged / Used-up pages) ASHORE

  1. Clearance Certificate from MARINA MISS for lost or Original copy of valid SRB for damaged or used-up pages.
  2. Marriage Contract issued by the PSA for married women.
  3. Valid NBI Clearance.
  4. Certificate of Completion of the Basic Training (BT) course.
  5. Duly notarized Affidavit for Lost or Damaged SRB which is still valid.
  6. Documentary Stamp.
  7. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.


  1. Original SRB with error.
  2. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  3. Valid NBI Clearance.
  4. Certificate of Completion of the Basic Training (BT) course.
  5. Marriage Contract issued by the PSA for married women only.
  6. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.
  7. Documentary Stamp
  8. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment

Seafarers’ Identity Document (SID)

For the time being, SID is not mandatory for seafarers. Here are the documents you need if you decide to get one. 

It depends on your company if they want you to get a Seafarer’s Identity Document.

NEW Application

  1. Original copy of valid SIRB or SRB.
  2. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.

RENEWAL Application

  1. Original copy of valid SIRB or SRB; and,
  2. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.


  1. Copy of valid SIRB or SRB.
  2. Letter request from the company/manning agency.
  3. POEA approved employment contract.
  4. Crew List signed by the Master of the ship.
  5. Clearance of no pending case/ obligation or unpaid penalty from MARINA Legal Service.
  6. Affidavit by the seafarer with confirmation/attestation by the Master as to the lost, or damaged SID.
  7. Company Affidavit of Undertaking that the seafarer concerned is a bona fide crew of the company (duly notarized).
  8. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.


  1. Original copy of valid SIRB or SRB.
  2. Duly notarized Affidavit for Lost or Damaged SID which is still valid.
  3. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.


  1. Original copy of valid SIRB or SRB.
  2. Original copy of valid SID with error.
  3. Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.
Newest list of requirements for Seaman's Record Book (SRB) and Seaman's Identity Document (SID). New Application, Replacement, Renewal, and Reprint.
List of requirements

How to Apply for MARINA SID/ SRB

Just like MISMO, the application process consists of two parts. The first one is the online appointment and the second is appearance.

Completing the online application is simple. MARINA will use the information you provided on their website for your SRB or SID.

The second part is appearance. After setting an appointment schedule, the applicant must proceed to his chosen MARINA office

They will check your requirements for authenticity and will give you your SID or SRB.

Step 1. Visit the MARINA SID/ SRB Website

First of all, head over to their web address at

A Gender Equality Disclaimer will pop up and you just have to close it to proceed.

The site is straightforward. There, you will immediately see a SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT button written in bold white with a navy blue background. Click it.

It will prompt if you have a VALID SRB. Click NO to proceed.

Another popup will come. This time, it’s about the IMPORTANT REMINDERS regarding your application. Once you understand what it says, click Continue.

A Terms and Conditions agreement for your application and the usage of their website will show up next. At the very end, click on I AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS WEBSITE.

Don’t worry about the Time Remaining countdown. If you have prepared the requirements beforehand, you will finish it in less than 10 minutes.

Important reminders before proceeding to make an online appointment of your SID/SRB.

Step 2. Enter Full Name and Email Address

Here, you have to enter your correct name, email address, and birthdate.

Make sure that they are 100% correct and free from errors because they can no longer be edited once submitted in the Online Appointment System.

Click the “I’m not a robot” Captcha.

Entering your name, middle name, surname, birthday, and email address during the start of your online appointment.

Step 3. Go to Your Registered Email Address and Look for the OTP.

The OAS System will send a One-Time Password (OTP) straight to the email address that you entered. 

Look for it and enter your 6-digit OTP in the pop-up. Remember that you are only given 5 minutes to do this. 

Sometimes, the OTP won’t arrive as quickly as it should even if you check the Spam Folders. Click on Resend the OTP to my Email Address and it should arrive at your inbox.

Receiving OTP in your email.

Step 4. Select Transaction Type

Now, you are inside the OAS Dashboard. You are given one hour to complete everything from Transaction to Confirmation.

Here, you have to set the MARINA office you want for your SRB or SID. Select any of the branches you’re comfortable going with.

Additionally, you also need to select your seafarer category as well as the MARINA service that you want. 

As you go through this, you will know the amount that you’ll pay for your appointment. 

Here are the details of what to expect from them.

MARINA Site you wish to visit:

  • Central Office
  • SM Manila
  • La Union
  • Batangas
  • Legazpi
  • Iloilo
  • Cebu
  • Leyte
  • Zamboanga
  • Cagayan De Oro
  • Davao
  • General Santos
  • Butuan

Seafarer Category

  • Oversea
  • Philippine Waters
  • Apprenticeship
  • Fishing
  • Offshore

Seafarer Type

  • Master
  • Officer
  • Rating
  • Apprentice
  • Ancillary
  • Others

MARINA Services

  • Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB)
  • Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID)
  • SRB and SID

Service Type

  • New
  • Renewal
  • Reissuance (Lost, Damaged, Reprint)

Once everything is filled up, click Next.

Setting up your transactions and appointment date.

Step 5: Appointment Schedule

The system automatically gives you the earliest available date for your SID/SRB appointment schedule. The dates marked in yellow-green should have open slots. Those in red are booked!

Try out other MARINA offices to get earlier schedules. If there is no available schedule, choose a later date as the earlier ones are taken.

You also need to choose an appointment time before hitting NEXT!

“It is usually crowded in Manila. Select a different branch if the early schedules nearest to you are already taken. You can find better slots in the provinces.”

Setting up the appointment schedule and time for your SID/ SRB appearance.

Step 6. Applicant Info

Here you will enter your personal information. Keep your data accurate since this will be used for the printout of your SID card and/ or Seaman’s Book.

Some fields are asked depending on which document you choose. For example, when I choose NEW Application, it immediately asks for my personal data.

But when I choose RENEWAL, details regarding my old or current SID and SRB are asked.

Whatever appears on your screen, fill them out especially the ones marked with RED asterisk or boxes. You can not proceed to the next step unless you fill out all those items.

Some of the details that they asked for are the following:

  • Personal information
  • Birth Information
  • Contact information
  • Educational Attainment
  • Employment Profile
  • Identification Profile
  • Emergency Contact

Click on NEXT at the bottom of the page when you are satisfied filling out the details. You can also go back to the previous pages if you want to.

Filling out the applicant info before proceeding to payment section.

Step 7. Confirmation

Here will show the summary of your online appointment.

Double-check the details here including your name, address, email, application details, and appointment details.

If you are satisfied, click NEXT.

Confirming your account info and appointment details before proceeding to payment section.

Step 8. Setting up Payment Options

Paying for your SID/ SIRB is now very easy. MARINA partners with different payment portals and they can now accept payment via cash, eMoney, or BancNet nationwide.

Cash payments are paid over the counter in any pawnshops (RD, LH Lhuillier, Tambunting, etc.), rural banks (Malayan Bank, GR Bank, etc.), Malls or stores (7Eleven, LCC Malls, Gaisano Grand, etc), and business centers (LBC, VIAExpress, etc.

eMoney payment is the easiest and most convenient since you’ll only be using GCash or CLIQQ App.

BancNet accepts payment via member banks like OFW Bank, AUB, PBCOM, etc.

Once you decided which payment method you want to use, click on the Generate Reference Number at the bottom of the screen.

You should receive an email and SMS regarding your reference number.

Generating Payment Reference Number (PRN) after choosing a payment method.

Step 9. Payment

You should have your reference number showing up as well as its QR Code and amount to pay. 

Make sure to pay it within 48 hours or the system will purge your appointment and you will lose the slot as well as everything you entered.

If this happens, you have to start again with step 1 and follow through the steps.

That’s why I mentioned that GCash is the easiest and most convenient.

eMoney Payment Request showing your PRN and QR Code.

After paying this, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS that your schedule is fixed and your payment is well received.

Step 10. Day of Appointment (Appearance)

On your day of appointment, BRING ALL DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS mentioned online including the printed copy of the confirmed appointment as well as your proof of payment.

Once there, you have to fall in line and wait for your name to be called for the Enrolment to Biographic and Biometric Details. This is where they double-triple-check the authenticity of your documents.

They will also capture your facial and specimen signature to be put into the system.

Step 11. Releasing Your MARINA SID/ SRB Documents

This is the final step and most awaited part.

Issuance for SID or SRB or both is within 3-WORKING HOURS after payment.

The teller will call your name and hand down your fresh SID and/ or SRB. Verify if all the details written there are correct.

To activate your SID/ SRB, you must electronically sign them before leaving the counter as well as paste the documentary stamp in your SRB.

Expedite Process for SID/ SRB

Only the MARINA Central Office accepts expedited processing of our SID/ SRB application.

Here are the requirements:

  1. POEA-Approved Employment Contract or OEC
  2. Letter Request from Company for Expedited Processing.
  3. Confirmed E-ticket 3 (Three) working days before the estimated time of departure(ETD).
  4. Oath of Undertaking by the manning agency
  5. Have a confirmed appointment on a future date.

The expedited process follows a different path than your regular appointment. 

For this method, you have to head on to this website and fill in the necessary information. 

You must also upload the documentary requirements and submit them once done.

Expedite process in applying for your SID/ SRB.

Fees, Payments, and Validity

For SRB, regular issuance (New, Renewal, Reprint, and Re-issuance while ashore) costs Php1,000.00. Re-issuance while on board costs Php1,800.00.

Seafarers’ Record Book has a validity of 10 years.

Regular issuance of Seafarers’ Identity Document for all three types (New, Renewal, and Re-issuance ashore) costs Php600.00.

Replacement or re-issuance due to lost or damaged SID while on board is Php1,000.00 only.

SID has a validity of 5 years.

There is also an additional convenience fee on top of the Processing Fee for using the payment methods mentioned in Step 7 which is Php50.00.

Payment using credit and debit cards has a separate fee structure of 1.8% of the amount plus an additional Php35.00.

List of fees for applying, renewing, re-issuing, and reprinting your SID and SRB.

MARINA SID/ SRB Issuing Offices

Here are the addresses of MARINA Branches all over the Philippines that cater to SID/ SRB Applications.

Some of them could be near your homes.

MARINA Central Office

2nd Floor MARINA Building, Bonifacio Drive corner 20th Street, Port Area, Manila.

SM City Manila Satellite Office

5th Floor, SM City Manila Natividad Almeda-Lopez corner A. Villegas and, San Marcelino St, Ermita, Manila.

POEA Satellite Office

Ground Floor, POEA, Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

La Union

3F Tan Bldg., Quezon Ave., Sevilla Center, San Fernando City, La Union


Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto, Batangas City.


Regional Government Center, Rawis, Legaspi City


MRO VI Bldg., De la Rama St., Iloilo City


RO-VII Bldg., Doña Modesta Gaisano St., Sudlon, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City.


2F Uytingkoc Bldg. Senator Enage St., Tacloban City


2F and 3F, A. Marcrohon Bldg., Campaner St. Zamboanga City

Cagayan De Oro

2F SE JO Lim Bldg, Gemilina St, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro


2F Davao Ching Printers Inc., Bldg. cor. Lakandula & Dacudao Ave. Agdao, Davao City

General Santos

Door A17-A19, ECA Bldg., National Highway, General Santos City


Agusan-Misamis Oriental Road, Brgy. Ampayon, Butuan City.

What’s your experience with MARINA’s SID/ SRB online appointment system?

May the winds be in your favor.



  1. Fiction Tutorial

    magpapachange booklet kasi ako sir ng seamasn book anu po ba gagawin online pa rin??? at anu po ba ibig sabihin ng ganitong requirements “Clearance Certificate from MARINA MISS for lost or Original copy of valid SRB for damaged or used-up pages.” paano po kukunin yan??

    • Gibi

      Sir need lang ung MARINA MISS kung nwala mo ang SIRB mo. Pero since mgpapachange ka lang ng booklet, isubmit mo lang ang copy of valid SRB used-up pages. Online pa rin yan sir andun lahat ng instructions at requirements sa website nila.

  2. Anonymous

    Good Day po Sir.. ask ko po sana if meron ba ON-Site or Walk In processing lahat nang MARINA office for SID and SRB? wala na po kasi vacant date or baka fully booked na sa online. ok lang pod ba visit ko nalang ang Office kahit hindi appointmnet? hope you will notice me Sir Gibi. thank you po..

      • Anonymous

        Good day sir, wala pa po akong na receive na file ng appointment ko for printing saan po pwedeng makita ito? Thank you.

      • Gibi

        Sa email mo sir. Check mo spam folders baka dun napunta. check mo din dashboard ng sidsrb account mo sir.

  3. Anonymous

    Good day, Ask ko lang po pn how to print the Confirmed Appointment for SRB?

    • Gibi

      Check mo email sir meron kang marereceive na email from sid-srb at may nka attach dun. download mo lang at print.

  4. Anonymous

    Good day sir! Pwede na ba mag set appointment for SID/SRB kahit on process pa yung COP ng BT ko? Thanks!

    • Gibi

      Pwede sir since Certificate of Completion of Basic Training (BT) lang naman ang kelangan at hindi COP.

  5. Anonymous

    Sir Good day po ung SID ko po is nawala po need po ba lahat ng req na nasa listahan or affidavit of loss lng po and SIRB sa lupa po kasi nawala and hndi sa barko?

    • Gibi

      Good day sir salamat sa comment mo. Eto bagong requirements naupdate ko na rin ang post.

      -Original copy of valid SIRB or SRB.
      -Duly notarized Affidavit for Lost or Damaged SID which is still valid.
      -Printed copy of the confirmed appointment.

  6. Anonymous

    Good afternoon sir pwedi po ipakita sa marina Ang photo copy ng seaman book Kasi kung napasa na sa company Ang orig. Copy salamat

    • Gibi

      Good am sir. Kelangan dalhin yung original sir. Pwede naman yan kuhanin muna saglit sa opisina since yung bago din naman ang ibibigay mo sa opisina.

    • Anonymous

      sir good day tanong lng po anu po gagawin pag lost yung sirb ko?

      • Gibi

        Mag apply ka ulit sir for re-issuance doon parin sa website. Halos pareho lang proseso pero sundin mo lang requirements.

  7. Anonymous

    Good morning po
    Ask ko po sir na expire na po yun seamans book ko po ng 2021
    Magrerenew po ako ito taon mag bbt po ba ako ulet kasi exprd na rin yun bt ko hindi na ko nakapagapply kasi nagpandemic na nung march 2020 sana po masagot nyo po thank you

    • Gibi

      Good morning. Yes sir kelangan nyo ulit kumuha ng BT Full course para makapag apply ulit kayo ng seaman’s book.

    • Anonymous

      For new applicant:
      Hi sir, ask lang po ang aplayan ko po ay sa cruise ship, sirb lang po ba ang need ?

      Also sa new applicant po if sa cruise ship po ako anong seafarers type po ako ?
      Seafarer Type:

      • Gibi

        Good day po. SIRB po isa sa mga requirements to work on board pero kelangan nyo rin po ibang documents and certificates gaya ng Passport, SID, BT, SDSD, PADAMS, etc. Ask nyo lang po kompanya na aapplyan nyo kung anu-anong mga trainings ang nrerequire nila.

        Ancillary po ang seafarer type nyo.

  8. Anonymous

    hi sir
    hindi po ako sure kung related ba ito pag mag apply ng cruise ship?
    Currently working in Qatar po at after ng 2 years ko plan ko po mag cruise

    • Gibi

      Hello sir.

      Anyone can work on a cruise ship as long as you have the qualifications. Anong work po plano nyong applyan sa cruise ship? I-align nyo lng po experience nyo ngayon para sa position na aapplyan nyo on board.

  9. martin john

    sir Good day!
    pede po bang mag pa re sched for earlier date?

      • Jhon Ralp

        Good day!
        Ano po bang mas dapat unahin kunin? Ang seamans book or basic training? First timer po mag aapply as seaman. Ano2 po ba dpat ko kunin at gawin? Sana po masagot nyo ko at matulungan.
        Maraming salamat po.

  10. michael

    hi sir, ok lang po ba mag punta sa marina para sa appointment ng sid kahit yung appointment date ko po is last dec 2022 pa? napaalis po kasi ako agad ng company before sa appointment date ko ng sid. salamat

    • Gibi

      I think you have to reapply since matagal na po iyon pero you can try contacting them po.

      For SID/SRB/DCOC concerns, you may directly email the Manpower Development Service at their email addresses : / and/or call them at (02) 8524-6517 or 0920 250 6619 during working hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday) for their kind assistance, as they are the office handling the processing of SID/SRB/DCOC applications.

  11. Anonymous

    sir kailangan ba iprovide lahat ng requirements kpag for re issuance ang sid?nwala kasi sid ko.salamat

    • Gibi

      Good day sir. Kung reissuance po it’s either lost or damaged and SID nyo. Need nyo po icomply lahat ng requirements nun. Follow through nyo lang po ang nkalagay dun sa SIDSRB website ng MARINA. Meron din po silang messaging icon sa bottom right corner ng SIDSRB platform nila if ever need nyo po silang kontakin.

    • Anonymous

      Hello sir ask ko lang po. Kasi nagkamali po ako ng lagay birth place sa SID ko and naconfirm ko na din po yung appointment on friday by paying on pisopay. Maayos pa po ba yun nung nasa verification when I appeared in Marina office. Thank you

      • Gibi

        Inform nyo lang po regarding your error para mapalitan nila. Don’t forget to bring all documentary requirements.

  12. Alnair T

    Good day. tanong ko lang sana, noong nag apply ako for schedule , hindi na daw nirerequire ang SID kapag valid pa ang SIRB mo at walang option na SID lang ang iaapply ko. on board ako ngayon pero balibalita ko hinahanap daw ang SID. mag 1 month palang ako pero biyabiyahe kami ng brazil.

    i was hoping to apply while im onboard. baka kasi mag kaproblema ako pagdating sa brazil. any insights regarding my situation? thanks.

    • Gibi

      Sir sa pagkakaalam ko, iilan lang puerto lang ang naghahanap ng SID sa mga seaman at isa na yun ang brazil. Pero hinahanap lng nila yung kung mag sign on or sign off kayo. Kung port visit lang naman for trade/ cargo operation, hndi na po required yan.

      Kung required yan sa inyo sir ang kumpanya nyo na mismo magsasabi sa inyo na kumuha. Sa ngayon, ang SRB natin ay enough na.

    • Anonymous

      Pwede sir magapply ng SID kahit valid pa SIRB mo. Isellect mo lang yung “no* pag tinanong ka kung valid pa sirb mo. Tapos tyaka ka magapply ng SID lang.

    • Rick

      Good day sir required ba erenew yung srb dahil kulang ng tuldok ang JR na wala rin naman sa application..ty

      • Gibi

        Sir good morning. Ganun yung sa Online appointment nila so it should be fine.

  13. Sheen

    hi sir, I would like to ask kung pwedi ba kunin sabay ung SID/Sirb ung SRB ko hndi ako mkarenew kc need ung SID sa pag apply.

    • Gibi

      Hello sir magandang umaga. As per MARINA, ang requirement ng pagrenew ng SRB is yung lumang SRB rin sir kasama yung ibang supporting documents. Saka kana makakuha ng SID kung meron kang Valid na SRB.

      • Erica

        Sir pano pag d makakpunta sa appointment date pagkuha ng SID puede bang iapply ulit o puede kunin pagbalik ng pinas.. tnx po

      • Gibi

        Good morning po maam. MARINA has no clear answer to this po at eto ang nakuha kong sagot sa kanila:

        For SID/SRB/DCOC concerns, you may directly email the Manpower Development Service at their email addresses : / and/or call them at (02) 8524-6517 or 0920 250 6619 during working hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday) for their kind assistance, as they are the office handling the processing of SID/SRB/DCOC applications.

        You an email or call them for that matter po. Good luck and I hope everything goes.

  14. Dannah Lovete Peligrino

    Hi Sir, tanong lang po kung san makakakuha ng documentary stamp? Salamat po.

    • Gibi

      Kasama na yung doc stamp sa bayad mo sa SRB sir pero kung gusto mong bumili, subukan mo sa city hall.

      • Ryan Casuga

        Good day sir ilang Araw po bago makuha Ang seamans book na renewal na Hindi expidite sir…ty po

      • Gibi

        Within the day po ang releasing nyan sir after kayo magbayad. Pero mag set muna kayo ng appointment online at sundin ang instructions dun.

  15. Charlie Tabaranza

    Sir paano yan. Walang nag email sakin kaya hindi ako maka click ng “reschedule appointment”. Pero pag tinitignan ko sa site, confirmed naman po yung appointment ko. Need ko po reschedule ngunit paano po:((( pag di po ba ako naka punta mawawala yung binayad ko ?

    • Gibi

      Sir as per MARINA ADVISORY, hindi na po pwede ang re-scheduling. Hanggat maari, sundin nyo nalang ang schedule nyo. Pag di po kayo nakahabol sa schedule, magpa-schedule nalang po ulit kayo at magbayad. same process po.

      • Kristene Bartolo

        Good pm po. Sir ask ko lang po kung pwede macorrect yong name entry sa SIRB po? Bali ipa omit/ remove ko yong middle initial/name po.

      • Gibi

        Na-print out na po ba ang seaman’s book nyo?

      • Anonymous

        Hello po. Magandang gabe. Tatanong ko lang po sana kung paano po makakakuha ule ng seaman’s i.d nawala po kase nalaglag kasama ng wallet. Hinde pa po nakakasampa sa barko, nag aapply pa lang po for internship.

      • Gibi

        Good morning sir. Magfile po ulit kayo ng SID sa Marina under the category RE-ISSUANCE (Lost/ Damaged/ Reprint).
        Eto po requirements nyan.
        -Valid SID or SRB
        -Duly Notarized Affidavit (for Lost or Damaged).
        -POEA-approved employment contract.
        -Crew list duly signed by the Master.
        -Clearance from Legal Services as to monetary obligation
        -Affidavit by the Seafarer and confirmation by the Master.
        -Company Affidavit of Undertaking (duly notarized)

        More info po dito:
        MARINA SID/ SRB (Seaman’s Book) Online Application 2023

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sir, possible po ba na 1 Valid ID like Passport ung alternate for Birth Certificate requirement?

      • Gibi

        Yes sir pwede

  16. Norieden Dimpas

    Hello po. Ano po problema if di ko po ma receive ang 6 DIGIT OTP po sa emal ko po. Wala rin po sa SPAM Folder ko rin po. Pauli ulit ko na po ni ri resend . I even change my email pero wala parin po.

    • Gibi

      Hello sir. hintayin nyo lang po bka delayed lang pagsend ng OTP.. subukan nyo po ulit after 24 hours..

  17. Danie May Acebedo Pruto

    Good day Sir, gusto ko lamang pong itanong kung valid parin po ba ang mga certificates ko sa pagkuha ng SIRB, I took the training last 2019 and we had some misunderstanding with the school and because of that, up until now ay hindi ko parin po naayos ang aking application sa pagkuha ng SIRB. Although complete na po ako sa lahat ng requirements.

    gusto ko pong malaman kung valid parin po ba ito at tatanggapin parin for application.

    Sana po ay matulungan/masagot po ninyo ako. Maraming salamat po

    • Gibi

      Hello maam valid pa po ung mga documents na hinanda nyo. SUbukan nyo po magfile dun sa online appointment ng MARINA. Good luck po and have a good day.

      • Anonymous

        Hello sir.. Tanong kulang po kung magandang Gawin kasi nagkaconflict Kasi sa schedule Ng visa ko at Ng appointment ko for SID sa September 18 nagkasabay Sila. Ngaun tumawag Kasi sakin ung manning ko na submit kunadaw SRB ko para maprocess na visa ko. Ngaun sir Ang problema ko pag dating Ng appointment date ko sa marina for SID need ko Ang SRB ko. Pano kaya in sir kung Hindi ko dala. Pwede pobang photo copy lang dala ko.. pa help Naman sir kung ano magandang Gawin. Salamat.

      • Gibi

        Good morning sir. try mo magdala ng photocopy at picturan/ videohan mo na rin SRB mo pra maipakita sa MARINA na ngconflict ang visa at SID schedule mo. dalhin mo rin visa documents as added proof. Hope maintindihan nila yan.

    • Nika

      Hello po, itatanong ko lang kung pwede bang to follow nalang ang nbi clearance since ang release po nito ay may 29 pero may schedule ako bukas para sa pagkuha ng seaman’s book. Nasa akin naman po ang receipt na sa katunayan ay may 29 pa ang release ng aking nbi. Sana masagot po agad. Thank you

      • Gibi

        Hello maam. Not sure po pero you can ask MARINA about it tomorrow.

  18. David Flores jr

    paano po mag reschedule ng sid ?

    • Gibi

      Sir ung sa confirmation email na sinend ng marina meron doon nakalagay na “Reschedule Appointment”. Check nyo nalang un po.

      • Lando Pimentel

        Sir, good day, bakit september pa yung available appointments sa PITX/MANILA/NCR areas? Nasusunod po ba ang schedule o pupunta lang po derecho walk in?

      • Gibi

        Magandang umaga sir. subukan nyo po refresh ng refresh hanggang makakita ng slot na mas maaga. Pabilisan po yan ng kamay sir at pahabaan ng pasensya. Good luck po.

  19. Antonio Patalinghug

    Gusto kumuha ulit ng seamansbook pero Wala na lahat ng mmga papeles ko kasama mga Tor at old seamansbook ko ng nagkasunog sa Lugar namin. Pwede ba kumuha ng seamansbook kahit Wala na akong Tor dahil matagal ng nagsara ang school Kung saan ako nagtapos? Nakapag Tapos din ako ng apprenticeship pero Hindi ko nagawang magenroll para maging bachelor Yung associate degree ko.

    • Gibi

      Magandang gabi sir. Pwede pa kayo kumuha ng Seaman’s Book kahit nawala na ung TOR at lumang SIRB mo.. Kumpletuhin lmo lang ung requirements sa Option ng:

      RE-ISSUANCE (Lost/ Damaged / Unclaimed/ Reprint)
      1. Letter request from Company/ Agency.
      2. POEA approved employment contract.
      3. Crew list duly signed by the Master.
      4. Clearance of no pending case/ obligation of unpaid penalty from Legal Service.
      5. Affidavit by the Seafarer and confirmation by the Master.
      6. Company Affidavit of Undertaking (duly notarized)
      7. Two Documentary Stamps.

      Good luck po at naway mrenew mo ang iyong Seaman’s Book.

  20. VictorAltamia

    sir goodmorning, paano po magpa reschedule for seaman’s book?

    • Gibi

      Hello sir. Check nyo po confirmation email ng MARINA SID/SRB nung na approve appointment nyo. Meron dun nakalagay na “Reschedule Appointment”. Click nyo po iyon.

  21. Kenneth

    Good ever Sir/Ma’am

    Meron po ako SIRB (issued Jan 2019) but unfortunately hindi tugma yung Place of birth ko sa SIRB and Passport…..

    Passport = San Pablo City
    SIRB = San Pablo City, Laguna

    Ano po actions ang need ko gawin sa new appointment website ng SID/SRB? Since di na nagrerelease ng SIRB? Macoconvert po ba sa SRB ang aking SIRB?

    Nagtry po ako mag reprint SRB pero required ang Current SID number which is wala pa po akong SID….

    ano po need kong actions or steps na gawin sa website appointment para sa situation ko? Need ko po ba kumuha New SRB? Kase sirb meron po sa akin or renewal or reprint?

    Please Reply
    Thank you po, God bless

    • Gibi

      Hello sir magandang gabie.

      Hindi na po nag-iissue ng SIRB ang MARINA. Ang policy po nila ngayon kung kukuha ka ng SRB ay dapat meron kang SID.

      Kung irereprint mo po ang SIRB mo to SRB para macorrectionan ang place of birth, magfile ka muna ng SID sir. pag meron ka nang SID, saka kna makakuha ng SRB.

      Pero make sure sir na tama ung details at personal information mo.

      • Christian Sabodogo Rivera

        Sir ano b gagawin d ko kasi napuntahan yung scheduled date kp ng cop?

      • Gibi

        No appearance na po ang COP sir. Pag nakumpleto mo na ang requirements at nabayaran mo na, hintayin mo nlang COP mo sa MISMO at pwede mo yun idownload/ print.

  22. Altheia Gie Evangelista

    Need pa Po ba naka COP ung BT bago makakuha ng Seamans book?? May sched. Na po kasi ako for sid at SRB ang kaso ndi pa nka COP ung BT ko,. Sana masagot po ung question ko salamt.

    • Gibi

      Hndi na kailangan COP ng BT maam kung kukuha ka ng Seaman’s Book. pero if possible po ipa cop nyo na ang BT nyo.

  23. Charrose Sungcados

    Good morning po. Tanong ko lang po sana kung need po ba ipaCOP ung BT bago kmuha ng seamans book for new applicant po? salamat po

    • Gibi

      Hello sir. Di na po kelangan ipa COP ang BT nyo kung kukuha ng Seaman’s Book. Kelangan nyo lang po ipakita ang Certificate of Completion ng Basic Training mo.

  24. Tricia Nicolle Mojedo

    good evening open po ba ang MARINA bukas sa Batangas Branch po? May appointment po kase ako maraming salamat.

      • Karen

        Hi Sir. Paano po if nakakuha na ng slot and nakabayad narin, pero mali yung nailagay na middle name at bday? Is there a way to correct this pa po ba? Or pwede namang sa mismong date ng appointment sa site na ipacorrect?
        Iveverify pa po ba nila yung mga infos? Para sana maipacorrect. Thanks, sana masagot.

      • Gibi

        Hello Maam. Previously, they will verify your info at the day of your appointment. ipa-correct nyo nalang po during that time. Pero ngayon since pandemic, contact nyo nlang po sila via email or chat dun sa bottom right corner nila na chatbox.

        Either way, kelangan nyo rin po i-double check ang SRB nyo pagkabigay sa inyo. Sabihin nyo nlang po ung error pra ma-correct nila.

        In that case, kelangan balikan or hintayin nyo ulit ang next releasing nyan.

  25. John nichol alcantara

    Good morning sir ..pwed po ba mgpa schedule ng appointment s ibang regional branch n my slot pru ddto s marina main mgpa evaluate ng srb for renew po

    • Gibi

      Hindi un ppwede sir. kung saang branch ka ngpa schedule, doon ka dapat magpprocess.

  26. redtag22

    Sir yung on-site processing po ng sid at srb 1800. Ibig sabihin 3600 po yung babayaran ku pag dalawa yung kukunin ku?

    • Gibi

      Tama sir.

  27. mark parilla

    sir good morning po… nag open po ako ng link ng mag renew po kase ako ng srb kopo bakit po hindi po mag open ang online appointment.

  28. Antonio A. Coniza Jr

    Good day sir tanong ko lang sir kung.paano ayusin ang account ko at may mali sa pangalan at online ba o personal na pupunta sa marina office at ano ba kailanganin sa pag ayos?

    • Gibi

      Hello sir. sa anong Account?

  29. Rudy Gabinete

    Good day sir, meron na ako SRB kaso ni require ako kumuha ng SID,ano po ba need na documents kilangan pag SID lang kunin.thanks

  30. Archimedes

    Nakalagay po sa site niyo available ang April 13, 2021 sa central office pero bakit ayaw naman ma click

    • Gibi

      Hello sir magandang gabi. Yung site ko po na ay hindi nagbobook o nagbibigay ng schedule ng SID o SRB appointments. Dun po kayo sa website ng MARINA magpa-appoint.

  31. omar serut

    good day sir bakit ang hirap makakuha ng slot ng appointment ng srb sir.minsan may available nman tapos pag click mo no slot available pero naka green nman sya,ibig sabihin open dapat sya

    • Gibi

      Mahirap tlaga yan sir dahil sa sobrang daming nag-aapply kaya ang ginagawa ng iba is company nlang nagffile. Pwede ka makakuha ng slot mag advans booking ka o dun ka sa MARINA Branch outside metro manila.

      • romar

        good day sir pwede ba mag booking outside metro manila pero dito ka sa manila mag attend ng final evaluation.thanks po.

      • Gibi

        Pwede sir as long as present ka sa final evaluation mo.

    • Jc

      Is it mandatory to get SID even if my SRB will not be expiring anytime soon?

      • Reggie Vismanos Dayto

        Good Day Sir

        Ask ko lang kung nag process ba mga Regional Offices, especially Batangas para sa pagrenew ng SRB at SID para sa Walk-In? As per Eng’r. Nelson Ramirez, since Feb. 07, 2021, accept na daw mga Regional Branches ng Walk-In, pero parang sa Manila lang kc pwede Walk-In base sa mga nakikita at nababasa ko sa social media. Pls. Enlighten me, if possible. Thanks in Advance

      • Gibi

        Hello sir magandang gabi. As far as I know, sa manila lang tumatanggap ng walk in sa SRB/ SID sir. Sa ibang branches, kukuha ka pa rin ng slot.

  32. Mgeni

    Does this MARINA has other branches out of the Philippenes or their branches are in the Philippenes only?

      • Armin Gemarino

        Hi sir good day po.. na cancell ko po ang una kung appointment tansaction due some reason.paano ko po maka process ulit pra sa application ng SID? thank you

      • Gibi

        Gawa ka ulit ng new application sir from the beginning.

      • Mary Ann

        Sir pwede po ba s ibang branch mg set Ng appointment pero s manila mg appearance pra lng po mkakakuha Ng appointment?

      • Gibi

        Maam kng saan po kayo nagset ng appointment doon po kayo dapat mag appearance.


    Good Evening sir!
    Sa COP application po sa MISMO, do I need to wait na ma.APPROVED muna ang documents uploaded, before I can take an appointment for the releasing?
    Uploaded plang kasi documents ko, wala pang approval from MARINA Evaluators, pero pinapabayad na ako.
    So, nagselect na ako ng appointment date at magbabayad na.
    Tama po ba sir ang ginawa ko?
    Or I have to make sure first na APPROVED muna lahat ang uploaded document ko?

    Thanks po sir!

    • Gibi

      That’s odd. Yung sakin po sir kelangan ma-approve muna ang docs bago magbayad. makikita din kasi sa MISMO na hindi ka maka-proceed sa next step kung hindi approved ang docs mo at ang system nila mismo mag-eemail or magttext sayo kung approve kana at kelangan mo na magbayad. Nasa MISMO rin yan sir kung required kna nila magbayad.

    • Jenny

      Sir Gibi pwedi ko po ba pag sabayin nalang ang pagkuha ng SID at SRB kahit d ako naka appointment pra sa SID,for example sa SRB lng ako naka appointment pwdi po ba kmuha nlng din ng SID?thanks po

      • Gibi

        Hindi po maam since requirement ng SID is valid SRB.

  34. berto yap

    Sir ask ko lang d naba tlga need mgdala ng uniformas rating po?

    • Gibi

      Yes sir.

    • Joy Bucad

      Good noon po, puede po bang mag apply anak ko for the renewal of his seamansbook po online sa office nyo dito sa Iloilo po andun po sya sa Bayawan City Negros Oriental or king puede ba ako na lng po ang magdala sa office niyo sa seamansbook Niya dahil dto Naman po ako sa Iloilo City ngayon padadala lang Niya seamansbook Niya mahirap po Kasi magbyahe sa ngayon, slamat

  35. napoleon p beltran

    pwede po ba kumuha ng appointment khit kulang pa ako ng nbi clearance for renewal tnx

    • Gibi

      Kumpletuhin muna requirements sir pra di kna pabalik2

  36. Edwin P. Fernandez

    Hi sir Gibi my concern is that I had already filed and submit my requirements to renew my COC last 11th of November at mismo website and until now I did not receive any information regarding of it I tried to call their hotlines and nobody answered and seek for help at our company then I’ve got an answer to wait the marina then until now I’m on the situation of wondering what will I got of waiting almost 1 month and ending up this question to you how will I know the status of my application?
    Hope you can enlighten and help me
    Thank you very much

    • Gibi

      Hello sir. Do keep on following up MARINA thru calls, emails, and chats. If hndi naman kayo restricted, visit nlang kayo sa office nila. basta kulitin nyo lang sir sa kkafollow up..

    • arwin

      hi sir gibi after ko mtapos yung payment step wala ako nareceive na reference number, panu ko malalaman kung ok n appointment ko? thru email b or text? thnx po

      • Gibi

        Hello sir kindly check your Application tab sa Dashboard ng iyong MISMO Account. Makikia din dun status ng application at payment mo.

      • Darryl Kenneth Fiao-ag

        Good day po sir, nag apply po ako ng COP renewal and naka kuha po ako ng slot sa La Union pero nung magaaply naman po ako for SRB renewal and SID ay puro “No Slot”ang naka lagay and almost 3 days na di maka pasok sa . Ano po kaya ang issue ukol dito? Ano ang pwedeng gawin lalot malayo sa lugar namin (Baguio)and marina at may mga protocols na kelangan sundin at lalo walang pong byahe gawa ng GCQ.

  37. khay

    Good day po sir, meron pa din po bang onboard renewal ? what are the requirements po ?

    • Gibi

      Ask nyo po office sir i think sila magpprocess nyan.

    • Aldwin keith achanzar

      Sir ung requiremebt n doc sa SID hnd ko po na upload..pwedeng dlhn nlng original copy ng docs pag sa fibal evaluationn

  38. gerry

    down po ba yung system nyo? kanina pa po kse ako nag papa appoint kse mag eexpire na yung seaman,s book ko this 2021 i need to report by feb. antagal po nang loading almost 1hr nang proccess req. thankyou

    • Gibi

      Nagdown server nila. Try nyo nlang some other time.

    • Jason

      Tanong ko lng po, nakabayad nako online thru gcash ung 650.00 php, kelanpp mag ssend ung confirmation ng application and application form sa email?

      • Gibi

        Usually, nagsesend agad yan ng confirmation receipt. pero follow up nyo lang sa marina if wla pa.

    • Alvin Tangcay

      Gud afternoon po.
      Slots date here in manila is full sir.
      How can we get an appointment sir. Slots are available in province area. And we connot afford to go to prvince for the said slots ,that they have. Im here in manila…so im asking now,f while im on board ,can i going to process online? What should we do this sir?

      • Eric b. Ariza

        Sir ask ko lang pwede poba ako mag set ng appointment labas ng metro manila like for example sa tacloban marina ako magseset ng appointment for seaman’s book tapos dito ko kukunin sa Manila branch ng Marina? wala po kasi slots na sa metro manila ehh lahat labas na ng metro manila ang meron slots

      • Gibi

        Hindi pwede sir. Kung saan ka nagset ng appointment, doon ka dapat mag-aappearance.

  39. Gel

    Hi po sir, question lng regarding sa online registration for renewal of sirb… kc naka red mark ung sid, eh wala naman ako nun… ano pwede ko ilagay dun pati sa date? Or need ko ba kumuha nung sid first para makapag finalize ng pag fill up ng form? Thnk u po

    • Gibi

      Kuha ka muna SID sir.


    Good morning sir!

    I have my SIRB but already expired as well as my Basic Training Certificate (COP) taken last 2015. I was not able to work on any ship yet, until it expired last January 2020.

    Now, I was hired in a Cruise Company and wanted to renew my Basic Training competency as well as my Seaman’s Book.

    My question sir is, will I take the Basic Training- Refresher course or take the FULL Course again?

    Thank you so much sir for your response.

    • Gibi

      Hello. You shall take the full course.

  41. Alvin Talavera

    I just want to ask if how many days is the releasing after the appointment of renewal of seamans book?

    • Gibi

      Seaman’s book can be released within the day.

  42. Jonve

    Sir pano po yan inuna ko pagkuha ng SID through online kc po dba kailangan cia if mgrenew ka ng SIRB? Mgexpire na po kc yung seman’s book ko this january 2021.. Eh yung online appointment ko sa pagkuha ng SID is Dec. 23, 2020.. Pwde po ba agad malaman ang SID number? Pra po makapagproceed na ako sa renewal ng SIRB ko. Salamt

  43. Jonve

    Hello sir.. Pwde po ba ang BST sa renewal ng seaman’s book?

    • tinks

      Hi sir. I would like to ask what if nag online appointment po ako ng SID and kinuha ko sya during ng local apprentice ko tas saktong nag drydck ung pinag apprentice’an. Hindi po ba ako ma que question sa marina nun? Salamat po

      • Gibi

        Magka conflict sir since on board ka. makikita sa sea service mo kung sisilipin nila ang iyong ecords.

  44. Andrew ponio

    Gud eve. Sir kung sirb pa un seamanbook ko, new application po ba ako or renewal application na sa srb?

    • Gibi

      If SIRB pa at may SID kna, pwede ka sa renewal. Pero if wla kang SID, Dun ka sa new.

    • Raizel

      Good evening sir bakit Wala na pong sinesend Yung marina na confirmation for appointment. Sa text lang po meron. Sabay pwede ba ma reschedule Yung appointment date. Ty

      • Gibi

        Pwede mreschedule ang appointment sir. contact MARINA po nagrereply nman sila.

  45. maggie

    required bang kumuha ng SID ang lahat ng seafarer? or yung renewal ng SRB lang?

  46. Mirriam

    Hello Sir, for New applicants, pwede po ba pagsabayin kunin ang SID & SRB?

    • Gibi

      For new applicants, kuha ka muna ng SRB sir. Pag meron kna nyan, saka ka palang pwede kumuha ng SID.

  47. marvin

    sir bkit december nlng ang sched wala bng mas maaga

    • Gibi

      Marahil puno na ang slot sir. Subukan mo sa mga Regional Offices na malapit sa inyo bka makakuha ka ng mas maaga pa doon.

      • Otas

        Good day sir

        If expedite sa central office lang? Paano if wala na slot central office for expedite even 2021

        Tha ks in advance

      • Gibi

        Hello sir. Expedite process can be made by the Liaison Officer of your company.

  48. Allan Roy

    Hi Gibi, Rightaway po ba yung e-mail regarding confirmation or does it take time? Wala kasi sa mailbox ko at wala din sa spam folder

    • Gibi

      Hello Allan. In my case, it took a few second. Pero sa ibang mga kasamahan ko up to 5 minutes sometimes more. Check mo rin spam folders mo or archives. and double check kung tama ung nilagay mo na email add.

    • Camilo

      Good after sir. Pag mayron kna slot sirb tpos gusto kna paalisin opisina pwd mpaaga yong appointment

      • Gibi

        Yes sir paexpedite mo na yan. Usually ang office mo maglalakad nyan.

      • daisyree agravantes

        sir tanong ko lng kung saan ko ulit mkukuha ung refference no.para macheck ko ung status ng appointment skedule ko ok n po ung date at paid nden po nais ko lng macheck ung status kaso nde ako mkapasok nde ko po kc maalala ung reference no.para ichevk ung apointment date ko salamat po

      • Gibi

        Log in po ulit kayo sa sidsrb website maam andun po lahat ng details.

    • Owen III

      Good day sir. Tanong po if sa pag apply ng SRB ngayong December 2020 tatanggapin pa ba ang BT certificate issued 2016 or need na po ng BT-R? TIA

      • Gibi

        Pwede pa yan if nka COP. Otherwise, contact MARINA for latest updates.

      • daisyree agravantes

        sir gibi what if po nkaligtaan ung date ng appointment para s srb pwede p kya nila ko maassist?

      • Gibi

        Kuha na po kayo ng bagong slot sir..

    • Aj Ignacio

      Pag po ba on-site processing, or (walk in) 1800php EACH po yung fee sa Sirb & SID? Total of 3600 Or 1800php for the both na po? Thank you.

      • Gibi

        1,800 bawat isa po sir bale 3,600 po babayaran sa dalwa.

  49. Noe maquiling

    Pg xpire nba Yong btoc cop k.. Mg trainee po ba aq.

  50. mavic

    why i didnt received any email confirmation when i’ve already make an online appointment and paid it thru pisopay. ty.

    • Gibi

      Hello kindly check your spam folder..

      • John wayne G Tortogo

        Good pm may appointment ako sa ptex nov 9 ang slot for renewal ng srb pwede ba ma expedite. ? Paalis ako sa 15 oct?

      • Gibi

        Pwede magpa expedite sir hingi ka ng tulong sa manning agency mo usually sila naglalakad nyan.

  51. Ronald Joseph edep

    Where I can get stamp for SRB renewal

    • Gibi

      You can buy them in MARINA.

      • Ernesto

        Pwede b walang srb pag kuha ng Sid nasa opis n kc srb ko

      • Gibi

        kuha ka muna srb bago ka mkakuha ng SID

      • john

        nakaligtaan ko appointment ko para sa SID anu po ba kailangan gawin?

      • Gibi

        Check nyo sir email ng MARINA nung nconfirm nyo appointment nyo. tapos click nyo ung “Reschedule Appointment”.

    • Andrei Yucamco

      Pwede po ba magpareschedule even after payment of SID?


        Gud day sir ma’am pwd Po bang mag pa expidite ng SID sa other branch from pitx to poea pls reply po to I know po..


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