As seafarers restart their career this year, many are in desperate situation for that single piece of card presumably required for embarkation.

Well, I guess everyone already knows what we’re talking about. Its our Seafarer’s Identity Document or SID.

And we all know that it’s been infested with fixers!


What is SID anyway?

Before that, let’s look back about the development of SID.

As a recap from my previous article, a Seafarer’s Identity Document is a piece of card signifying that the bearer is a true blue seafarer.

Basically, the identification part of our SIRB is separated thus we now have SRB and SID.

The holder of SID enjoys the following benefits from its member states:

  • Guaranteed the rights of seafarers to transit, shore leave and crew change in a country.
  • Proves the bearer is a “legitimate seafarer” and is entitled of his full rights.
  • Robust and modern security features and
  • Visa waiver.


Mandatory or Not?

I’ve heard issues about this and it seems that there are conflicting answers.

Many seafarers I met said that SID is mandatory and you can’t leave the country if you don’t have one. Others go on to say that its required abroad.

Meanwhile, other groups say otherwise, that SID is not mandatory, that you can still leave the country and join your ship without it.

But here’s what we know.


SID is MANDATORY- According to a few Manning Agency

Being a bit concerned with the fully booked slot in their online appointment, I asked my company if I should get a Seafarer’s Identity Document.

Their reply?

“No its not required!”

I got super relieved hearing that.

However, there are a few companies who got spooked and and solidly declared that SID is mandatory.


An email from a manning agency declaring SID as mandatory for their crew.

An email from a manning agency declaring SID as mandatory for their crew.


It seems that countries like Brazil, Russia and a few South American countries are looking for this document.

As a matter of fact, Brazilian Immigration requires an SID for all foreign seafarers instead of the Seaman’s book, which is no longer accepted by their authorities to enter/ exit Brazil.

That is according to a post from MARINA.

However, majority of countries and ports do not even bother to ask about your SID.


SID is NOT Mandatory- MARINA

Straight from MARINA themselves, SID is not mandatory.

Here’s what Capt. Jeffrey Solon, the acting Deputy Administrator for Planning of MARINA said in an interview with Seaway Magazine.

To avoid the bad situation from turning worse, Capt. Solon urged seafarers that are not required by their manning companies to have SIDs to refrain from applying.

Pag ang barko nila dito lang sa Asia, dapat hindi na muna sila kumuha ng SID,” he said

I hope this clears things up a little bit.


Why is it Difficult to Get SID

Now the most awaited part, why is MARINA’s online appointment for SID ALWAYS full? I booked many times but with no avail.

Specifically, satellite Offices like PITX, SM Manila, POEA and even the Central Office in Port Area Manila have opened schedules after three months.

Even Cebu’s schedule is fully booked.

Since the rumor of SID becoming mandatory with crewing agencies, the online platform  is overwhelmed with applicants.


Less Manpower

One reason is that their workforce is dwindled due to COVID19 protocols. Many of their staffs are working from home thus accommodating less applicants.

But I find this not convincing. The pandemic also greatly reduced the number of seafarers applying for certificates, SRB and SID in Manila.

Then just lately, 15 MARINA personnel in central office are tested positive with COVID19. Even so, the schedules were already booked three months in advance since last year!

I leave the critical thinking to you.


Less Equipment

Another factor that slows down the capacity of SID production is the availability of manpower. In order to meet the growing number of applicants, proper and enough equipment is also needed.

Consider the fact that there are more or less 400,000 Filipino seafarers, the huge demand would also need huge infrastructure.

And by the way, MARINA may declare SID to be mandatory.

Since we are recognized as the first ratifying country meeting international requirement for Seafarer’s Identity Document, we may soon be required to have it before traveling abroad.



Lastly, we have this issue with fixers.

To many of us, it seems like the fixers are having special treatment than us seafarers when it comes to online booking of our SID.

For just as little us Php300, we can get a schedule within the day to process our SID .

But regular seafarers like you and me have to wait three months or travel to the south like Zamboanga to get a slot.

So how do they do this? Do they have special access to MARINA’s online appointment system? Perhaps, another inside job?

Well I can’t answer that straight since I have no facts. But here’s what I know.

A seafarer's chat inquiring about fixer's rate for booking SID

A seafarer’s chat inquiring about fixer’s rate for booking SID


How They Do It

These fixers are able to get a slot by doing a simple thing as “waiting with a quick hand”. Okay let’s explain.

Here’s how they do it (according to my source).

First, they will ask your email and other details which will be needed later on to secure a schedule. After logging in to, they will check the four Offices of MARINA here in Manila.

Of course, we all know that its full. But here’s what they do next.

They will keep on refreshing the page, jumping from one branch to another until they see a green slot.

This will be open for a fraction of a minute as many other fixers are waiting for that schedule so its a battle of reflexes.

As soon as they are able to grab it, they will call their client- the seafarer, and the rest is up to him.

This process takes many hours. The fixer will do this many times until he gets a schedule.


Wrapping Up

To sum this up, SID is not mandatory according to MARINA. There are only a few manning agency who require this to their crew especially those traveling to Brazil.

However, it will be mandatory soon as many countries are slowly implementing it. We just don’t know when.

If you have enough free time, it would be prudent to book your schedule in advance before the huge waves of applicants overwhelm their system.

Other than that, its not wise to get an SID for the purpose of having an additional valid ID. For that, I suggest you get a Unified Multi-Purpose ID from Social Security System.

It has no expiration and a recognized valid government ID.


May the winds be in your favor.




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