MARINA COP for Basic Training (BT COP): All You Need To Know

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If you want to work in tankers, cruise ships, cargo vessels, or any type of vessel, BT with COP is one of your tickets.

Basic Training (BT) is one of the fundamental certificates needed for every person who wants to work on ships. It was formerly known as SOLAS Training or Basic Safety Training and Instruction (BSTI).

BT-R, BT-U, and BT Full Course

Much has changed since the Manila 2010 Amendments. The year 2013 was chaos. As we remember well, almost all our STCW Certificates were getting major overhauls.

Rallies in front of MARINA’s office broke out. The introduction of the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) created confusion too. This left many seafarers frustrated and discombobulated.

Basic Training was divided into three separate but identical courses namely the Refresher, Updating and Full Course.

The introduction of BT-R, BT-U, and BT Full Course caters to different sea services for seafarers. You might get confused as to which training to take but I’ll explain that below.

So Which BT Should You Take?

Lately, there has been much confusion about which type of Basic Training to enroll in. Choosing between BT-U, BT-R and Full Course can cost us money and time.


Because training centers would assume that our previous BT COP is old thereby pointing us to take the Full Course.

In fact, a two-day refresher or updating course may be enough. I already fixed this problem in my previous blog post.

Basic Training Practical Exercise with life raft at sea. Trainees are in the water performing personal survival techniques while another crew is on board the liferaft holding a hand flare.

Basic Training Sub-Modules

In order to get the certificate and COP, seafarers must undertake the competencies stipulated in Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code.

These are the mandatory minimum requirements for familiarization and the basic safety instructions for all seamen.

Basic Training is divided into four sub-modules which are listed below.

1. Fire Prevention and Firefighting

Understanding the basic chemistry of fire. The seafarer must know what to do when discovering smoke or fire. Furthermore, he must show basic knowledge in using the various fire fighting appliances.

This course is vital since there are different approaches to the different classes of fire.

2. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

This module aims for safety awareness among self and other crew. It stresses the importance of cultivating a safety culture on board.

Moreover, PSSR tackles proper communication, good human relationships, and respect for individual rights.

3. Personal Survival Techniques

PST sets minimum competence for survival training at sea. This module trains seafarers on the proper donning of life jackets, immersion suits, and thermal protective aids.

He will familiarize the operation of survival crafts and their equipment, location devices, and radio equipment. Furthermore, he will learn a particular swimming technique that prolongs survivability while in the water.

4. Elementary First Aid

As onboard accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, seafarers must have the ability to conduct basic first aid while on the scene. He must know what to do when encountering a medical emergency before any professional help arrives.

Certificate requirements From the book STCW: A Guide For Seafarers

Basic Training – Certificate of Proficiency (BT COP)

Completing your Basic Safety Course is not enough. Even if you acquire the certificate for this training, you still need to apply for a Certificate of Proficiency in MARINA.

COP and Certificate of Completion are completely different documents. You must apply for a COP before you are allowed to work on board.

What is a Certificate of Proficiency (COP)?

A Certificate of Proficiency or COP means a certificate, other than a certificate of competency, issued to a seafarer under the authority of the Administration.

This certificate states that the relevant requirements of training competencies or seagoing service under the STCW Convention have been met.

Simply put, a COP is a document that functions as proof of your competence. MARINA issues this certificate and assures the inspecting authority that the bearer is proficient.

STCW Convention appoints the Administration, in our case MARINA, to issue this certificate.

Why is the Certificate of Training Completion not enough?

This is one question I also asked instructors and fellow seafarers. When MARINA first introduced the COP, confusion reigned all over the place.

Even on board, it was the talk of the town over the VHF. We can’t help but comply (and pay for another training). Again, we felt that training centers were milking our pockets.

Here I will explain why Certificate of Proficiency is mandatory.

There are lots of training centers from all over the country- and the world. Even though they share the same syllabus for this course, they issue different formats for your certificate.

The World Cruise Ship docked in port.

The Administration

Training centers function as educational grounds for practicing the different modules in each course.

However, international organizations and maritime inspectors do not recognize them. They were not given that authority according to the agreement.

Our Administration, in this case, MARINA, assures any inspecting authority that the bearer is competent and trained proficiently. As you have noticed, all our COPs do not indicate any training centers but from MARINA itself.

Aside from standardizing the format of all COPs to avoid confusion, this is also a REQUIREMENT of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments.

Requirements for Basic Training – Certificate of Proficiency (BT COP)

The Basic Training COP is valid for only 5 years. Therefore, seafarers of all ranks must renew their COP before its expiration.

To get the full details of the requirements, head on to MARINA’s MISMO. All the requirements listed here will be uploaded and verified online.

For Issuance

  • Certificate of BT Full Course taken or completed WITHIN TWO (2) years before the date of application
  • Uploaded first page of Passport OR Seafarer’s Identification Document (SID); OR any valid government-issued ID bearing the Full Name and Birthdate PLUS Birth Certificate as Proof of Identity.
  • Valid Medical Certificate in PEME format from DOH-accredited medical clinic with seafarer’s signature. NOTE: MUST BE ENCODED by the concerned Medical Facility for Overseas Workers and Seafarers (MFOWS) in your MISMO Account.
  • Colored 2×2 inches picture in a white polo with collar, white background and taken within the last six (6) months, NO SHOULDER BOARD and NO name tag; Frontal straight pose, showing your full face; Expression should be neutral with both eyes open and mouth closed, no hair covering the eyes; Heavy make-up and lip color must be avoided; Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other accessories are not allowed. *

For Revalidation/ Renewal

  • Valid BT COP *No need to upload. This will be verified in the system.
  • Uploaded Certificate of Seagoing Service for a period of at least 12 months within the last 5 years or 3 months within the last 6 months immediately prior to the application date. NOTE: MUST BE ENCODED by the concerned Local Manning Agencies in your MISMO Account.
  • Uploaded Valid Medical Certificate in PEME format from a DOH-accredited medical clinic with seafarer’s signature. NOTE: MUST BE ENCODED by the concerned Medical Facility for Overseas Workers and Seafarers (MFOWS) in your MISMO Account.
  • Colored 2×2 inches picture in a white polo with collar, white background and taken within the last six (6) months, NO SHOULDER BOARD and NO name tag; Frontal straight pose, showing your full face; Expression should be neutral with both eyes open and mouth closed, no hair covering the eyes; Heavy make-up and lip color must be avoided; Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other accessories are not allowed.
  • SIRB/SRB (seaman’s book) first page and pages with entries showing approved seagoing service indicated in the company sea service certificate (upload in order of issuance).
  • Certificate of Training Completion for Refresher on Basic Training (BT-R) taken or completed within two (2) years before the date of application.
  • If DOES NOT MEET the required SEA SERVICE, upload Training Completion of the Full Course provided the COP to be revalidated is VALID.

Expedite Processing (Issuance or Revalidation)

The list provided here includes the respective requirements for each item above (issuance and revalidation). Additionally, the following documents are also required.

  • Request Letter submitted by the Local Manning Agency to MARINA.
  • Certified True Copy of VERIFIABLE Flight Details (departure should be within 2 days).
  • Original or Certified True Copy of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).
  • Original or Certified True Copy of Contract of Employment (duly approved by POEA).

Specific Provisions

Lately, MARINA issued STCW Circular 2018-05 which stipulates rules for RE-VALIDATING your COPs. It focuses more on giving time frames for your sea service experience.

More importantly, it sets specific deadlines for filing your Certificate of Proficiency INCLUDING Basic Training.

Here are the following.

  • Approved seagoing service for a period of at least 12 (twelve) months in total within 5 (five) years, OR
  • 3 (three) months in total within 6 (six) months prior to the date of re-validation: AND
  • Completed an approved Refresher Course in Basic Training within 6 (six) months before application for re-validation of the COP OR
  • If the applicant for re-validation does not meet the required seagoing service, he must complete an approved course in Basic Training within 6 (six) months before application for re-validation of COP.
Rules in the Issuance and Revalidation of Certificate of Proficiency for Basic Training. New MARINA STCW Circular 2018-05 explains.
MARINA STCW Circular 2018-05. Rules in the Issuance and Revalidation of Certificate of Proficiency for Basic Training.

Steps for Application and Renewal Process of Your BT COP

Walk-in applicants are no longer allowed. MARINA encourages all seafarers to secure an online appointment through MISMO and I personally think it’s much better that way.

  • First, applicants must register in the MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online System through Fill out the details needed.
  • If you already have a MISMO Account, you can log in and start choosing the training you want to file COP for.
  • Select the type of certificate that you want to process.
  • Complete the documentary requirements.
  • Pay the corresponding fee to accredited Bayad Centers.
  • Wait for a confirmation message that you will receive through SMS.
  • Check to see if your BT COP is approved and ready. Print it as your physical record.

Fees and Release Dates

  • Regular Processing – Php130.00. Within 5 working days.
  • Expedite Processing – Php600.00. Within the same day.

Did you find this post useful? If you have any questions, feel free to hit the comment below.

May the winds be in your favor.



  1. John

    Ma expire po ba ang BT pag hindi ma COP within 6months pagkatapos mag BT?

    • Gibi

      Kelangan mapa COP mo sya sir within two years.

      • Marcelo Alcos

        Mag expire po ang BT COP ko Ng April 16, 2024, ano po ba ang dapat Kong kunin, BT Refresher o BT Full course para ma i- renew ko ang BT COP ko.

      • Gibi

        BT refresher lang sir.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Sir, my BT Certificate will expire on JULY 2024, but COP is on OCTOBER 2024. Is it still valid?, since i’ll be signing off on SEPTEMBER 2024. I have already taken my RBT but paalis na ako this March and wala na akong makuhang sched prior to my flight.

    • Gibi

      Valid pa yan sir since ang susundin na expiration ay ang sa COP mo. By RBT, do you mean Refresher Basic Training? You can still file even if you are on board since everything is made online.

  3. Anonymous

    sr gibi ask ko lang po nung december 2022 ko nakumpleto yung BT ko and the this january 2024 ko lang siya ipapa cop valid pa po ba yung BT ko?

    • Gibi

      Valid pa yan sir. As long as within 2 years from training completion ka magfile ng COP, pwede pa yan.

  4. Anonymous

    Good day, Sir Gibi

    San po kaya aq pwedeng mag take ng BT para po makapag apply po aq ng Seaman’s book. Salamat po.

  5. Anonymous

    sir magkano ang pa COP ng BT? regular lang

    • Gibi

      Php130 sir

  6. Anonymous

    Sir papanu po mag uupload sa mismo ng sea service para sa cop eh 2 years na ko wala sa previous kumpanya pero di po ako resign.lipat po kasi ako company..

    • Gibi

      Report ka a company mo sir at hingi ka ng sea service at ipa upload mo sa mismo account mo.

  7. Anonymous

    Good day sir, Question lang po. Paexpire ang BT cretificate ko ng July 5, 2024 pero ang COP ng BT ko sa august 19, 2024 pa po. Currently onboard ako and makakuwi naman po ako sa June before ma expire certificate ko ng Bt. Okay na po ba BT refresher lang i take ko po? Thank you

    • Gibi

      Good day sir. Basehan po ng renewal ng mga certificates ay ang expiration ng COP. That being said, refresher lang po kunin nyo as long as hndi pa expire ang COP nyo the day you file for your COP’s revalidation.

      • Anonymous

        sir ask ko lang po what mga requirements para makakuha ng BT? 1st time lang kasi sir want ko kasi magbarko.

  8. Anonymous

    hellow po, pwede po ba ako mag pa revalidate ng BT REFRESHER ko as long as my bt cop VALID UNTIL FEBRUARY 15 2024

    • Gibi

      Kuha ka nalang ng bagong BT Refresher course sir habang valid pa iyan hanggang Feb 2024 tapos pa-cop mo na.

  9. Anonymous

    Sir good afternoon, tanong ko lang po bakit palaging nakalagay sa mismo twing mag upload ako ng docs, nag exceed daw ng 1mb kahit nasa 500kb lang ang file size

    • Gibi

      try and try nyo lang sir minsan nag gaganyan yan.. babaan mo rin file size na iupload mo nagloloko tlaga yan.

  10. Toto

    Good day sir .ask ko lang po ok pa po ba ma approve yong cop ko kakatapos ko lang mag training ng RBT at saka malapit na ma xpire yong cop ko by january 9,2023.salamat po sa sagot.

    • Gibi

      Okay pa yan sir as long as valid pa ang cop mo the time na nagfile ka.

  11. Anonymous

    Good morning may tanong lang po ako mag expire na yung BT- REFRESHER ko ngayong august 2024 ang tanong ko kukuha ba ako ulit ng BT-REFRESHER salamat

    • Gibi

      Good morning sir. Yes sir kuha ka po ulit ng BT refresher course at ipa cop nyo na po.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Sir Gibi, currently onboard po ako. nag apply kasi ako ng expedite for BT COP ko since maexpire sya sa feb 13, pero need ng valid oec kaso expired na oec ko.

      Inapply ko naman ng regular processing kaso March 1 ang earliest date ng appointment online. Possible kayang madecline at ipagtake ako ng Full course since Feb 13 maeexpire?

      • Gibi

        Hello sir good day. Naexperience ko dati na as long as valid pa ang COP mo the time you initiated filing your COP, pwede pa yan sya. Pero not sure na ngayon bka rules have changed since laki na pinagbago ng marina.

  12. Anonymous

    Ng apply po Ako cop Ng BT and bakit hndi po same ang date Ng issue at expiration Bali issuance ko November 28 2023 tapos expiration ko is march 2028? Yun march ay month Kun kelan Ako Ng BT

    • Gibi

      Yung expiration na ilalagay nila sir depende yan kung kelan mo kinuha ang BT Course.

      • Anonymous

        Hi GB. Paalis ako ng january 16. And i still have training BT full course until january 11. Then january 12 ko na makukuha COP ko. Aabot ba ang COP bago ako umalis? Talaga bang 1 day release lang ang BT COP? Thank u po.

      • Gibi

        San nyo po narinig na 1 day lang makukuha ang COP sir? Baka yung tinutukoy nyo po is training certificate since makukuha mo yan kinabukasan after ng training mo. Pag makuha mo na yan, pwede kana magfile ng COP.

        Okay lang din kahit makasampa kna as long as natapos mo ang training mo since online naman lahat. Pwede ka mgfile ng COP sa mismo after training kahit nsa barko kana..

  13. Anonymous

    Sir good day. tanong ko lng po. What if kumuha ako ng refresher e.g. BT.. kase expiration ng BT Cop ko is January 17 2024. So let’s say nag apply ako revalidation ni BT COP ko gamit yung refresher ko na bagong kuha. Let’s say December ko sya inapply. What if January 18 2024 na pero di parin na rereview at validate ni Marina? ibig sabihin ba nun need ko kumuha full course na? thanks po

    • Gibi

      No need na kumuha ng bago sir as long as ifile mo agad sa mismo before mag expire ang COP mo.. Eto yung isa sa specific requirements ng MARINA tungkol sa BTR.
      -Certificate of Training Completion for Refresher on Basic Training (BT-R) taken or completed within two (2) years before the date of application.

      • Anonymous

        hello po valid pa po ba ang BT refresher ipa COP kahit 1 year na since na issue yung BT refresher certificate na hindi napa COP .thanks

      • Gibi

        Good day sir. Valid pa yan for COP since eto naman requirement nila regarding sa issued training certificate.
        Certificate of Training Completion for Refresher on Basic Training (BT-R) taken or completed within two (2) years before the date of application.

      • Anonymous

        nag expire na bt cop ko sir last june 18 2023 habang onboard ako at ngayung feb 2024 first week ako baba interisland. ano po dapat kunin ko fullcourse ba or refresher lang or baka mai ibang option pa, advice mo sa akin sir salamat

      • Gibi

        Full course na kuhanin mo sir since expired na BT mo.

    • Anonymous

      May appearance pa po ba Ang pag kuha ng bt refresher…naka bayad na po Ako sa bayad center need ko pa po ba mag punta sa marina

      • Gibi

        No need na appearance sir. Monitor mo nlang ang COP mo sa mismo kung mrelease na nila. Bka sa ngayon nasa “for signatory validation” pa yan pero no need na ang appearance.

    • Anonymous

      Good day mam/sir ilang days Po ba bago makuha Ang BTR COP,f sakaling Po bang pasampa na Ng barko at Hindi pa makuha Ang COP tatanggapin Po ba Ng agent.

      • Gibi

        Depende po yan sa kumpanya nyo sir. Pero kung valid pa naman COP ng BT mo, pwede kpa makasampa nyan. Hintayin mo nlang mrenew ang COP na fnile mo kahit nasa barko kana..

  14. Anonymous

    pano po bayaran ang para sa COP BT Refreher course?

    • Gibi

      Magbibigay sila ng payment reference number sir sa MISMO. Andun din mga payment options. Gamitin mo lang payment reference number para bayaran yung COP mo..

  15. Anonymous

    good day puede ba mgpa bt sdsd cop kht wl pang sea service saka wla pang sid at seamans book????

    • Gibi

      Pwede mo yan mapa COP sir kahit wala kang SID at seaman’s book. Gamit ka lng ng ibang valid government-recognized ID pgfile mo ng COP.

  16. Anonymous

    Good day Sir.

    Tanong lang po kung hanggang ilang buwan/taon pwede ma-COP ang BT.

    • Gibi

      Within two years lang po yan after training completion dapat mapa COP mo na. Kung hindi, kukuha po kayo ulit ng full course.

      • Anonymous

        Good day po tanong lang po mag eexpire na po ngayong 23 november ang cop bt ko., ano po ba kaylngan ko kunin bt refresher or bt full course

      • Gibi

        Good morning sir. Kuha po kayo ng BT refresher course at be sure to file for its COP bago mag expire ang current COP ng BT nyo.

  17. Anonymous

    Good day po. first time ko po mag-apply para magtrabaho sa cruise. Gusto ko malaman paano/ saan po ba ako makakapag register para sa mga Basic training STCW A-VI, COP for Basic Training at Security Awareness (STCW A-VI/6-1)? Maraming salamat po sa mga tutugon sa aking tanong.

  18. Anonymous

    ask lang po.yung BT ko kasi ang nakalagay na appointment date for releasing of COP is october 5,but until now wala pa po.OCTOBER 13 na po

    • Gibi

      Good day po. Wala na po appointment and pagkuha ng COP ng mga certificates. Pag nasunod nyo po lahat ng requirements sa MISMO including payments, iuupload lang nila ang COP mo sa iyong MISMO account. From there, check nyo lang po kung andun na sa MISMO nyo ang inyong COP.

      • Anonymous

        Good day Sir,
        Ask ko lang po paano po makakakuha ng generated ref. # for payment, last Aug. 25, 2023 ako ng.apply ng BT COP tru online, dn nkalagay for Final Evaluation Oct. 18, 2023…dn hanggang ngayon Oct.20 For Final Evaluation pa rin nkalagay…ilang days po kaya ang final evaluation…
        Salamat sir

      • Gibi

        Sir good pm po. Review nyo po requirements nyo then try nyo isubmit ulit. Kung wala prin po, call or email nyo nalang ang marina. Pwede nyo rin sila puntahan sa office kung malapit lang kayo.

      • Anonymous

        Hi sir.kng mg apply po ng expired COC kailangan ba na encode yung bt atff pscrb at mefa?nanjan yung mefa ko nkalagay sa documents pero wala sa certificates.ok lng po ba yun?ty

      • Gibi

        “Add Attachments” nyo nlang sir tapos “Attachment existing document” nyo na mga docs nyo na kelangan sa COC renewal.
        Note info

      • Anonymous

        Sir good morning tanong ko lng btr ko expire sa July 2024 tpos onboard pa ako ngaun sa March baba ko.pwde pa ako refresh june

      • Gibi

        Pwede sir as long as hindi pa expire cop mo pag magrenew kana.

  19. Clarence Claire Noval Booc


    Good morning

    Tanung ko lang po. Yung BT COP ko po ai ma eexpire this February 24, 2024, may sea service po aq nang 12 months for the last 5 years. Kaka babah ko lang po this June 2023. Ask ko lang po kung required paba mag refresher training aq nang BT kung magpa revalidate aq nang COP ko sa BT or pwedi nang hindi mag refesher. Kasi may nabasa aq online pwede na daw hindi mag refresher nang BT as long as hindi pa expired ang BT COP.


    • Gibi

      Sir good morning.

      Required po ang refresher kung magpa revalidate ng COP according to MARINA’s Advisory. Meron pong time na pwede ka magparevalidate ng COP kahit walang refresher training as long as meron kang attestation letter pero sa dating MARINA admin pa yun. Ngayon, tinanggal nila iyan at kelangan na ulit ng refresher training kung magpapa revalidate ng COP.

      • Anonymous

        sir ask lang po sa Jan 2025 po expire ng rbt cop ko pwede ko pa ba gamitin hangang dec 2024? o need na ako kumuha ng rbt? thanks po .

      • Gibi

        Pwede yan sir.

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