Free downloads, my friend.

If you want to fast-track your career at sea, you need to study not just your work but also the rules and regulations of your job.

Many books focus on various areas in the maritime industry. Aside from being knowledgeable of your craft, you also have to be familiar with the safety aspects as well as the use of different safety appliances.

The good thing about our today’s technology is that we can carry these books into our devices. And we can bring them as much as we like.

So if you want to clarify something about a process in celestial navigation, or feel bored on board because there is no internet, these downloads can be handy to pass the time.

Again, these books can sometimes be boring unless you want to level up your career in the maritime industry. The process is tedious but a few pages each day can mean a lot to your future that you will eventually be thankful for.

Moreover, you will no longer be afraid of different inspectors asking you some out-of-the-box questions because you will learn to think out-of-the-box. This is one of the many wonders of reading.

So here are a few resources to get you started. Feel free to download them for your reading, reviews, and references.

And oh, not only maritime books.

Lately, I also uploaded Repatriation Requests, Extension letters, and Early Vacation Requests. My readers were asking for a format so I gave it to them. You can download and use them as a reference. Just be sure to edit the right words to fit your needs

If you need something specific not found here, please send me an email and I will gladly find them for you.

I say again, all of them are FREE!



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