Under First Time Jobseekers MC-No.-SC-2019-02, first time job seekers can now process their COP of BT and SDSD for FREE. This is in accordance with Republic Act No. 11261 or “First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act”

Basic Training (BT) and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (SDSD) are two of the most vital documents of every seafarer. However, these papers are worthless without a Certificate of Proficiency or COP.


Who Are The First Time Job Seekers?

To qualify as first time job seeker and avail FREE COP of BT and SDSD, an applicant must fall under any of these categories.

  • First time job seekers should be a Filipino citizen who is actively seeking employment locally or abroad for the first time.
  • Graduate of Associate or Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Completed a technical-vocational course.
  • High school graduate who has completed the K-12 program.
  • Out of school youths.
  • Those who are never been employed nor engaged in education or training.
  • Students taking a leave of absence.
  • Any person intending to work while enrolled in any school, college, university, or learning institution.

To solidify the merit that you are a first time job seeker, MARINA needs you to submit a Barangay Certification. Additionally, an Oath of Undertaking is also required.


How to Get Your Free COP

Application for free COP of BT and SSAT-SDSD is made thru MISMO. Thus, the applicant must create a MISMO account and accomplish all the necessary documents required.

If you want to see an easy example on how to process your COP, click on that link. You will witness a more detailed article on my experience processing my certificates thru Marina’s online platform.


1. Complete the Requirements

You must submit these documents online just like processing your regular MISMO COP.



  • Basic Training
  • SIRB or any valid government identification document
  • Medical fitness
  • Barangay Certification (Original)
  • Oath of Undertaking (Photocopy)



  • SSAT-SDSD Training
  • SIRB or any valid government identification document
  • Medical fitness
  • Barangay Certification (Original)
  • Oath of Undertaking (Photocopy)


A Barangay Certification is a document issued by a barangay certifying that the person named therein is a first time applicant for certifications. It also proves he is a resident of the issuing barangay for at least six (6) months as of issuance date of the said document.

Barangay Certificate needed for free COP in accordance with RA 11261

Barangay Certification.


An Oath of Undertaking is a document duly accomplished by the first time jobseeker to abide and be bound by the conditions imposed upon him/ her and executed before the Punong Barangay or the latter’s authorized officer.

Oath o Undertaking needed for free COP in accordance with RA 11261

Oath of Undertaking.

Once you have the documentary requirements above, you can now proceed to the next step.


2. Log in to MISMO.

Create a MISMO account and log in to it. Go to Select Transactions. Choose Regular and tick ISSUANCE. Under the Select Class option, click on COP. There should appear a Select Function below with drop downs of training.

Scroll down until you find the “Basic Training for First Time Job Seekers Under 12611” or “SSAT-SDSD for First Time Job Seekers Under 12611”.


2. Upload the Requirements.

Upload the required document. An online evaluator will check if the documents you submitted are correct. In addition, you will also receive an SMS regarding the status of your certification.

Application for free COP of BT and SDSD for first time job seekers using MISMO

Application for free COP of BT and SDSD using MISMO


3. Choose a MARINA Branch. Book your Appointment Date.

Once your application is approved, you can choose any MARINA Branch or Satellite Office that you prefer.

Date and time schedules are also available where you can pick at your convenience.


4. Final Evaluation.

Report to your chosen branch on the schedule that you booked. Present all the original papers that you uploaded in MISMO.

The evaluator will verify all your documents for authenticity.


5. Releasing.

Usually, releasing of COP is within the day. You don’t have to pay anything during the whole process.

With MARINA’s FREE COP for BT and SDSD, first time job seekers can save Php230.00 each or Php460.00 for both certificates.


The “First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act” 

But it doesn’t only end there. RA 11261 or the First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act has more benefits. It mandates government agencies and instrumentalities to waive fees and charges to first time job seekers obtaining the following documents:

(a) Police clearance certificate;

(b) National Bureau of Investigation clearance;

(c) Barangay clearance;

(d) Medical certificate from a public hospital, provided that fees and charges collected for laboratory tests and other medical procedures required for the grant of a medical certificate shall not be free of charge;

(e) Birth Certificate;

(f) Marriage Certificate;

(g) Transcript of academic records issued by state colleges and universities;

(h) Tax Identification Number (TIN);

(i) Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card; and

(j) Other documentary requirements issued by the government that may be required by employers from job applicants.


May the winds be on your favor.




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