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Ahoy, my Friend!

Welcome to Seaman Memories.

Ships. Seas. Skies.

The most beautiful sunrise and sunsets happen where the sky kisses the ocean. The ships, as it has always been for centuries, are the prime witness of this magnificent view.

World of Our Own.

Our own city. Self-sustaining, unique, flexible, inherently hazardous and alive. A handful of men making our small world function normally like the rest of the world.

Secret Recipe.

The secret to a Seaman’s mood is an excellent food. Hats off to those Cooks and the Galley Department as a whole who made our dining a five star experience. 

Travelling While Getting Paid.

We serve as the lifeblood of the world economy. We move 90% of the world’s cargo. We are the unseen heroes of the modern world. And we travel the world for free while getting paid for it. 

“They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; 

They see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep.”

The Seaman's Life


A Seaman is someone who goes out to the vast oceans in search for pearls, treasures and the best place to live; only to find them when he comes back home.


He learns how little a person needs while at sea, not how much.


He believes that a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor.




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How Do P/V Valves Work?

How Do P/V Valves Work?

P/V Valves are part of a tanker ship’s primary venting device installed to avoid damage due to over or under pressurization of cargo tanks. This arrangement allows the tank to “breath” during pressure variations. P/V valves are built on many oil and product tankers of...

Benefits/ Financial Programs for Seafarers and OFWs

Benefits/ Financial Programs for Seafarers and OFWs

Seafarers and OFWs are modern day heroes. Our remittances help not only our family but country as well. Thus, our government initiates different programs like cash assistance, financial projects, accidents and disabilities and welfare to help them in many ways. Either...


May good luck be your Captain
and sunshine be your Mate

May laughter be your Pilot 

and happiness be your freight 

May all the ports you enter 

bring pleasure ever new

May good health be your Steward

and good friends be your Crew


~ Captain Jacob Den Heijer






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