The MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online System or MISMO is now in full swing. All seafarers who need to process their theoretical exams, practical assessments, Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and Seaman’s Book (SIRB) are advised to complete the requirements using MARINA’s latest online appointment system.

Since the system is fairly new, many of our fellow seamen had a hard time filing their COPs. I’ve been there and I had used their online application platform to process four of my certificates. It took me 27 days from start to finish.


MISMO COP Application Guide

During the application period, I noticed many things that would help speed up the process.

But first, I must confess to you. Filing your COP online is not free since you have to pay for every certificate.

What I meant in this tutorial is that you don’t have to spend thousands of pesos in creating your MISMO account and/or uploading your documents to their website. Though it’s relatively small compared to our salary, we have to accept the fact that every peso counts when we are on vacation.

No third party. No scanning of certificates. It will only be just between you, your phone and MARINA.


1. Create a MISMO Account and Log In to the System.

The very first requirement in applying for a COP using MISMO is to create an account. Migrate your SRN account to MISMO so you can start.

If you have problems in creating or syncing your two accounts, I created a separate post for that. You should get to know more about MISMO first before proceeding.


MISMO profile dashboard

MISMO profile dashboard


2. Fill up your personal information.

Once you have your account running, fill up the necessary personal information on your profile dashboard. This is very important. It is similar with POEA’s e-registration system wherein they will use your data here and encode it on your certificate.

You don’t need to update all other sections like your medical records, service records, documents and training. The most important part is your Personal Information found in the Profile tab.


3. Upload your Profile Picture.

Before you can make an online appointment for your certificate, the system requires that you must have a profile picture first.

Again, you don’t need to pay for this too. Here’s what I did.

Profile picture for MISMO Account. COP, SIRB and Final Exam.

Profile picture for MISMO Account. Clearly I overlay it with an emoji but you get my point.


I took a selfie using my phone with any background wearing my “pambahay t-shirt”. Then I edited everything using Photoshop until it fits MARINA’s requirement.

You can still have your profile picture for free even if you don’t have any editing skills. Just get a white polo shirt and stand with a white wall behind you.

Ask your friend to take a selfie. Edit the picture size to 2×2 and you’re good to go.

Here’s a guide from MARINA.

MISMO profile picture MARINA Standard. Used for COP, SIRB.

MISMO profile picture MARINA Standard.


4. Select Transaction

Here, we can start filing for our COP. Choose the CertificationTab and you will be able to file the certificate you desire.

Pick which type of process your certification needs whether it is for Issuance, Revalidation or Replacement.

There is only one option in the “Select Class” tab and that’s COP. Click it.

After that, a “Select Function” menu will appear. Find the training certificate you want to process.

Click “Add Certification” if you have more COPs to file. Repeat these steps in Number four until you’re done.


Selecting transaction for your COP application


When everything is finished and you want to continue, put a check mark on the declaration.

Press “Proceed” for the next step.


5. Complete the requirements.

This is where you have to upload the documents needed for each COP you are filing. Items marked with *red asterisks are required. It means that you cannot proceed if you don’t attach anything there.

Inspect each requirements carefully. To be really fast with your application, you have to make sure that the documents you’re uploading is correct. Once the evaluator sees it without mistake, they will quickly direct you for final evaluation.

Very Helpful: Remember that there are thousands of COPs being processed by a handful of MARINA employees everyday. If you can submit the requirements correctly and get them approved in just one try, you could save weeks of waiting.

Most of the supporting documents can also be uploaded without scanning. In my case, I only took a clear picture of them using my phone camera. I did not spend a single amount for uploading my documents.

Hot Tip: To save money, take a clean and clear picture of the requirements. Crop and adjust the lighting using any photo editing app until it’s readable.


Picture copy of my documentary requirements uploaded to my MISMO profile.

Picture copy of my documentary requirements uploaded to my MISMO profile.


Application Status

During the stage of your COP filing, you will undergo four different application statuses. This is your guide complementary to the text message that MARINA sends you.

  • Draft- this is the preliminary stage of your application. You must upload all the requirements here before submitting it for evaluation.
  • Uploaded- every requirement requires a document to be uploaded. Once a file is attached, an uploaded icon will appear beside it. You have to submit it after uploading all the documents.
  • Resubmit- MARINA had reviewed your application process including the files you had submitted. Unfortunately, the document you submitted is either not correct or blurry. You need to upload the right one and resubmit it again.
  • Approved- the requirement is correct, valid and accepted by MARINA. Next step is to set for an appointment.

Note: An SMS will also be sent to you every after MARINA reviews your application.


6. Setting up your appointment.

Once your online evaluation is approved, MARINA will give you permission for a final evaluation. This means you can proceed to the next step.

Setting up your schedule

Setting up your schedule.


Select the MARINA branch, date and time of your appointment.

You can choose from morning to afternoon.

Useful Tip: Avoid Mondays and Tuesdays. These days usually have the most applicants.


7. Payment.

Once you successfully set your schedule, click “Proceed” and it will take you to a section for payment process. Click on Proceed to Payment to continue.

A reference number will appear on your online application including the amount. Go to any MARINA authorized Payment Centers and present the reference number. Pay only the amount presented on your MISMO account.

Note that you have to pay within 24 hours the moment you book your appointment branch and schedule. If you fail to do this, just go over this step (Step 6) again. Create a new schedule using a new reference number for payment.

A single certificate costs Php230.00. There is a convenience fee of Php50.00 added to the final amount.


Reference Number for paying your COP application to various authorized payment centers.

Reference Number for paying your COP application to various authorized payment centers.


MISMO Authorized Payment Partners

  • Bayad Centers
  • ECPay
  • LBC
  • ExpressPay
  • San Miguel Food Ave.
  • Metro Gaisano
  • Netopia
  • 7-11 Convenience Stores
  • Robinsons Business Center
  • Robinsons Dept. Store
  • SM Savemore
  • SM Dept. Store
  • Waltermart Dept. Store
  • Western Union
  • Villarica Pawnshop


9. Final Evaluation (Appearance).

After paying your COP, head to the MARINA branch that you chose and scheduled. Bring all your original documents- the ones you submitted online.

You will also receive a text message confirming your payment and instructing you for final evaluation.

Expedite COP is stationed at the 6th floor. Meanwhile, regular COP is on the 7th floor. You will still go through lines so better be early.

What happens during final evaulation?

The evaluator will ask for your certificates  and cross check it with what you uploaded online. Sometimes, he will point out some inaccuracies and may require you to re-upload it.


COP without Final Evaluation/ Appearance.

Seafarers who are processing their Certificate of Proficiency for ISSUANCE of Basic Training (BT) and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (SDSD) are advice to proceed directly to the Releasing Section on your appointed date and schedule.

You don’t need to go over the Final Evaluation as your COP is ready for pick up.


Image may contain: text


9. Releasing.

You can have your COP usually within the day. As per experience, I finished my final evaluation at 1445H. The processor said that my COP will be released at 1700H.

I heard fellow seafarers who started at 8AM and got their certificate around 5PM the same day.

Wait at the Releasing Section for your name to be called. Prepare an ID for verification. Double check your name and the details of your COP if correct before leaving the counter.


COP released as confirmed in MISMO.

COP released as confirmed in MISMO.


Sign also their logbook once you receive and are OK with the certificate.

TIP: It’s better to claim your COP on the following day. During the day of your final evaluation, there will be so many seafarers lining up in the Releasing Section. But if you claim your certificate the next day especially in the morning, you will be treated as a VIP and a separate line will be given to you.


This is my experience in processing my COP using MARINA’s newest online appointment system. It took me 27 days to finish it. But I can’t say that the old system is better since the schedule for blue forms also take months.

Between MARINA’s COP and DFA’s passport renewal, the latter is much faster with less hassles.

What’s your COP experience?

May the winds be on your favor.



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