POEA was recently renamed to DMW or the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). But still, the POEA e-Registration facilities and their functions stay the same. The layout on their eRegistration website is also similar but with a few added elements to reflect its new name.

I updated the tutorial steps here to reflect the steps in DMW. If there’s something different from what you encountered, you can always email me or bump me a comment.

Aspiring overseas workers, seafarers, OFWs, foreign employees, recruitment agencies and other government entities can easily, quickly, and conveniently access this new setup.

UPDATE: Eregistration Version 2 to DMW

Before we proceed, here are the unexpected updates.

POEA established Eregistration Version 2 a few years ago as a sign that they upgraded their system and streamlined the process.

It was supposed to be the newest e-Registration system which functions similarly to the old one but with more features. The recent development aims to improve their operation for the benefit of seafarers and OFWs.

The platform is relatively new and some of its elements are not yet available.

But after that, the whole POEA was overhauled and changed to DMW. They are basically the same entity catering to seafarers and OFWs. Only the name changed with the site structure, and some new functions were added and removed.


Creating an account for seafarers and OFWs is simple. This tutorial is divided into ten easy steps to aid you in finishing it in less time and doing other things that matter more.

But before diving into the first step of online registration, here’s a background on its implementation.

A Universal ID System

It started on September 15, 2016. As per POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 13 Series of 2016, a new online registration system for seafarers will be implemented. This will serve as a shared database between POEA and MARINA.

Eventually, it will pave the way for the development of a “Universal ID System“ that the government is aiming to establish.

Moreover, this new facility will be a part of a larger project which is data sharing and information exchange between government agencies.

One of its aims is to facilitate the authentication of supporting documents, validation of credentials, and general verification of the existence of personal, educational, and professional records of seafarers, OFWs, and other applicants.

A sample of Universal Identification Card (ID). One of the reason why POEA establish their eservices platform

What You Can Do With The Online Services Portal

The portal is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7). Here are the things that eregistration system offers.

  • accessing overseas employment information
  • accessing legit online job fair
  • scheduling visit to the DMW Office
  • applying for an agency license
  • filing requests for registration of principals
  • applying for issuance of an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • registering for overseas employment
  • paying for processing fees and;
  • verifying the status of transactions

The portal interfaces with other government agencies’ information systems by means of the most reliable and secure information exchange technology.

This enables direct validation of information entered by the users to the portal, thereby streamlining the business processes and effecting a positive economic benefit.

Getting Started

Crewing agencies today are thoroughly implementing this system. They require every applicant either sea-based or shore-based, to create an account and get their e-registration number.

I discussed a brief introduction to the news on why this service will replace our very old SRC. The steps in creating an account for seafarers and OFWs are the same.

In this article, I will give a crash tutorial on how to navigate around the eServices website and get your registration number. This is only a simple task thus it won’t take much of your time.

However, it may get very complicated if you encounter persistent errors and problems.


Before you start, it is best to gather the needed documents to avoid heavy delays and hassles.

  • Valid email address with password – you can use the one on creating your SRN (MARINA)
  • Scanned Passport-sized ID picture – just make a nice selfie with a white background and crop it.
  • Scanned (or pictured) Copy of Passport – front page only.
  • Training Certificates – an image copy (pictured) is OK.
  • Laptop or desktop– better to use a laptop than a smartphone.

Note: You won’t submit any physical documents. No need to visit any DMW branches or offices. Everything will be made over the internet hence the name “e Registration”. You only have to use the details of your Training Certificates to fill out some of the blank fields required.

So here are the easy steps.

1. Register an Account.

Visit https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/ to create an account. Click Let’s Go and a new drop-down will appear. click on Register like in the image below.

DMW's online services portal for eRegistration.

2. Fill out the details.

After that, a Terms of Use and Privacy Statement will appear detailing how they will handle your personal information. Click on the I Accept the Terms of Use at the bottom of the statement.

It will open up the New Account Registration field. Fill out the needed details in the textbox. The information you enter here must be exactly the same as the ones in your passport.

Take note of the PAALALA written in bold red on the left side.

New account registration for those whop wants their eregistration for the first time.

Click Register when you’re done. Just leave the page as it is and go to your email account.

3. Confirm submission.

Before proceeding, you have to confirm if the basic data that you wrote is correct and free from spelling mistakes. This is important to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Double-check if everything is accurate and press YES to continue.

Confirming your details before submitting it to the system and being recorded.

4. Email Activation.

In my case, I use Gmail. Check your spam folder if you can’t find the message in your inbox.  It should be there. Copy your temporary password and click on the Click Here hyperlink.

If the link is un-clickable, copy and paste it into your browser. Hit enter and proceed to Step 5.

An email from DMW providing your temporary password.

5. Setting Password.

You are halfway finished. The link will take you back to the website where you have to log in with your registered email and the temporary password you provided.

After using those credentials for logging in, a new pop-up will also appear asking you to change your temporary password. Do this and click Change Password when done.

Changing your password after logging in using the temporary password provided by DMW.

6. Creating/ Updating Your Profile.

After updating your password, a PAG-IBIG corner pop-up will also appear. You can choose to work on that or disregard it and proceed directly to your account profile dashboard.

Now here is your account dashboard. On the left side, you will see options like Dashboard, MMy Profile, My Education, etc. Click on them one by one and start filling out your details.

Your account profile dashboard in DMW's eRegistration.

7. Your e-Registration Number.

Take note of your eRegistration number. Remember that it was also flashed on the screen after you successfully created an account

Take note of this as some companies will only require you to give them your e Registration Number. Others like to get a printed copy of your profile. To do that, click on My Resume as shown below and it should provide a summary of all the information you entered. They are also ready for printing or download as a PDF file.

eRegistration Numbers flashed on the screen during registration and upon accessing your account dashboard.

8. Attaching Profile Picture and Passport.

In the image at Step 7, there’s no image that appears in your profile as well as the “No Image Found” reminder. It’s time for you to upload those details.

It’s very easy actually. You just take a photo of yourself, preferably the one you used in your passport image. Then, you should upload another image of the first page of the passport to the second one.

Clicking on the yellow button in Step 7 should reveal more.

Reminder: We will use the Requirements that we prepared before the start of this tutorial. Upload a scanned copy of your passport-sized picture on white background.

9. e Registration Quick Tips.

In the My Profile section, you will be asked about your Identification and Beneficiary at the bottom of that page. Fill them in

In the My Education section, you need to fill out the details regarding your educational attainment, certificates, training, and language.

Do this for other sections. If you get errors or the details you enter fail to save, log out of your account and log back in again. Or, come back after a few hours.

It’s also better to use the system during off-peak hours like midnight or early morning since too much traffic to the site could break it and you won’t be able to save your progress

The rest of the sections are basic information about yourself. You can complete them if you have spare time typing your records.

10. Saving Your Work.

Always save your work after filling every detail. Or you can remove them if you feel something is not correct.

That’s it! But I would like to point out that using a laptop and preparing the requirements above will save you a great amount of time and temper. I used smartphone and it took me three hours to finish up my eRegistration account!

Use Laptop

When you go to a new app on your phone, you will lose your progress once the page reloads automatically. Likewise, if you open a new file or just temporarily minimize the screen, your browser may delete your hard work.

The web page will most probably refresh itself when you return to your tab. All the details you put may not be saved and get wiped out. You have to start filling out that detail again.

But when you use a laptop, your information will stay there even if you transfer to another tab. Just don’t refresh the page. I prepared a separate post for those having great difficulty completing their e-registration profile because of errors.

DMW Contact Details

This blog tutorial is an independent entity from DMW. It is only for informational purposes. Furthermore, the government may establish updates without prior notice. Owners of this site, do not represent DMW, POEA, or any authorities.

For more questions, information and specific updates, kindly connect to the Department of Migrant Workers on the following contact details.

Official Website: https://www.dmw.gov.ph/

Hotline: 8-722-11-44 | 8-722-11-55

Email: repat@dmw.gov.ph | feedback@dmw.gov.ph

Location: Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City

DMW location in Google Maps.

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