Bulk Carrier Julietta D Abandoned, Collides With Tanker & Platforms

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Maltese flag bulk carrier Julietta D collided with tanker vessel Pechora Star off the coast of Ijmuiden, Netherlands on January 31, 2022, at around 0940H UTC.

Storm Corrie was battering the area. Around the anchorage area are wind farms. This looks like a recipe for collateral damage.

The 37,200 DWT ship was at the anchorage when the wind geared up to more than 70 miles an hour in the North Sea.

Her anchor didn’t manage to hold on and collided with an oil/chem tanker Pechora Star which was also at anchor.

Pechora Star didn’t have any serious damage and remained stable.

There was also another collision between Julietta D and an unfinished platform 40 minutes after the initial one thereby magnifying the damage.

The ballasted ship was also observed to have a third collision with another platform as seen from Marine Traffic, a vessel tracking website.

Abandon Ship

The collision created a hole in her port quarter just above the waterline. She was reported to be taking in water. It left no choice for the crew but to abandon the ship.

At only 11 miles from the shore, rescue vessels and salvage tugs responded to the scene. SAR helicopters also participated in the rescue efforts.

All 18 crew was safely evacuated although 2 of them suffered minor injury. They were taken to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from a rescue helicopter.

Salvaging the Ship

The shipowner of the adrift vessel immediately requested for a salvage operation.

Tugboats “Union Sovereign” and “Multratug 18”  arrived at the scene to connect the tow.

The two tugs managed to connect their towlines. But with 6-meter waves, Multratug 18’s tow parted. Union Sovereign is still towing Julietta D away from shore and it managed to hold on.

Salvage tugs Multratug 18 and Union Sovereign and Rescue vessels Koos Van Messel and Jeanine Parqui.
Tugs and Rescue Vessels involved in salvaging Bulk Carrier Julietta D.

They will commence towing her to the Port of Rotterdam during daylight and better sea conditions.

Several search and rescue entities including helicopters participated in the rescue and salvage operation of this incident.

Koos Van Messel is a small SAR speed craft. She was relieved by Jeanine Parqui after 8 hours of continuous operation.

Multratug 18 is a fire-fighting vessel with a length overall (LOA) of 35.7 meters. Union Sovereign is a 1,800 DWT tug/ supply vessel with a length overall of 67.4 meters.

Juliette D is a 9-year-old bulk carrier owned by Julietta D BV.

Safe sailing everyone and

May the winds be in your favor.



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