Best Memories


Many of my best memories are created at sea. Seafaring imbued me with lots of memorable photos that I always treasure. From amazing Search and Rescue Exercises (down below) to the most stunning twilight, there is no place on earth that matches the experience and life of a seaman.

We were cruising a few nautical miles from the Swedish Coast when suddenly, a SAR helicopter nominated us to engage in their exercise.

Call it luck or whatsoever but out of the many hundred ships in that area, they chose us to participate in that activity. Of course it is an honor! This is a once in a lifetime event that will always be on my “best memories” portfolio.

Search and Rescue Officer rappelling down the vessel. One of my best memories since cadetship.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Officer rappelling down the vessel. Click the picture for more stunning images.


There are more incredible pictures of food, tourist attractions, people, flights and ship works that you can find interesting here. Clicking on the image above, will take you into another dimension- and perhaps, the hidden world of the seafaring.



Though I’m more into still images, videos are also a part of my collections. These moving pictures are mostly taken from my phones and action cams.

With my superb beginner skills, creating videos is one of my past times on board. Still, watching them reminds me that seafaring life is as colorful as the skies from sunrise to sunsets.

Yes, the sky also holds my best memories which are captured and recorded in my phone.

Shoreleave in La Linea, Spain

Shoreleave in La Linea, Spain. I was turned down at the border control going to Gibraltar (UK territory), because of my visa.
Click on the video for more!


I still have a lot of videos that needs to get published. In time, I will slowly update this together with my blog articles that you can also browse and read.

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May the winds be on your favor!