From the shore to sea, seafarers travel not only by vessels, but also through the air to get to their ships. Our vessels could be half a world away. The journey in getting there could be fun and tiresome especially if you have to catch the next connecting flight on time. Here is one of those videos that takes us to our next home away from home.

Clouds are amazing. Having the privilege to work closest to the sea and ride near the clouds can be humbling. When we are down there, we marvel how these fluffy sky cottons as they form shapes over the sky. And when we are up there, we see the sea and the vessels like toys. In fact we, we perceive them as still objects even if we know that they too move but only at a small pace.



Here’s a sneak peak of my shore leave experience. I’ve been on the move lately by foot, bike, train, bus, taxi or whatever the place gives me.  London, Riga, Valencia, Algeciras, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Skelleftehamn, Norkopping, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Sines, Lisbon, you name it. Its mostly in Europe though and those eight-hour micro-visit to those places were one of the best things seafarers could experience. Yet I wonder,

“Does the ocean smells different on the other side of the world?”.

This one’s a Seaman’s Prayer that I made mid 2017.