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Images speak thousands of words.

When traveling is part of your work, life becomes more colorful. Capturing moments as they unfold is truly amazing. Having sailed to many countries in the past ten years, I’ve com across the different colors of life especially the life at sea.

From stunning sunsets to the gigantic sea waves, witnessing them as they happen is a gift from above.

I’m sharing here some of my shoreleaves. Shoreleave is the term we use when we go off from the ship and spend a few hours anywhere on land. Of course, we also have to come back before our duty starts of before the ship sails.

I’ve traveled mostly using bikes because I can stop anytime if ever I want to take some pictures. Who know what might show up during my journey. I also enjoy picking some flowers and bring it home after six or seven months of preserving it between the pages of my books.

But what I’m showing here is just 10% of what’s really happening. Of course there are some beer sessions, karaoke, work and many others. Posting them requires extreme consent from my friends.

Moreover, most of my blog posts are “how-to” guides for seafarers who are finding their way to become a sailor. These includes documents and papers that they must comply.

I’ve yet to add and update some picture pictures here but due to the nature of my work, its quite hard to maintain that. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to post more of my captured moments.

See you next port!