Safety on board our vessel is paramount. Each of us is responsible for our own safety and our crewmates as well. When bad things happen on board, our resources are limited and the person could suffer a lot. We conduct drills and exercises with external parties to improve our safety culture and awareness but the final choice is always to you.

Here’s a poem from Don Merrell about regrets on disregarding safety. I first heard this during a company conference last 2009. The first four lines got immediately chiseled in my head.

Hope this poem will change your attitude towards safety.

I Chose to Look The Other Way

Don Merrell

I could have saved a life that day,

But I chose to look the other way.

It wasn’t that I didn’t care,

I had the time, and I was there.

But I didn’t want to seem a fool,

Or argue over a safety rule.

I knew he’d done the job before,

If I spoke up, he might get sore.

The chances didn’t seem that bad,

I’d done the same, He knew I had.

So I shook my head and walked on by,

He knew the risks as well as I.

Save a Life by encouraging your crewmates to follow safety rules

Safety at work is everyone’s responsibility

He took the chance, I closed an eye,

And with that act, I let him die.

I could have saved a life that day,

But I chose to look the other way.

Now every time I see his wife,

I’ll know, I should have saved his life.

That guilt is something I must bear,

But it isn’t something you need share.

If you see a risk that others take,

That puts their health or life at stake.

The question asked, or thing you say,

Could help them live another day.

If you see a risk and walk away,

Then hope you never have to say,

I could have saved a life that day,

But I chose, to look the other way.


Being safety conscious is very helpful too. It will spread to other areas of your life including your family relationships. If you are so used to it, you can apply a safety mindset even when going in a shoreleave.

Sending Love from a thousand miles away using oSerenade

Let them know that you love them. Because being loved and feeling in love will make him take that extra safety precaution.


May the winds be on your favor.

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