Are you young, ambitious, skillful and talented? Do you value career and loyalty? Do the words leadership, responsibility, discipline, integrity and honesty mean so much to you? If yes, then you are one of those cadets whom the maritime industry is looking for.

During your college days, you may have come across shipping companies conducting scholarship examinations on your schools. You may also be one of those hopefuls who tried their shots on it but failed to pass.

Even if you fail, you can still apply for Cadetship Programs on other companies. There are around thirty companies out there who are looking for Cadets, especially the fresh meats, who have the qualities mentioned above. So if you fail on one company, try out on another and note which part of the application process you flunked.

For example, you may be caught off guard on a question that you did not read or heard on your preparation stage. Perhaps you found the written test very difficult. Or the practical exam is out of your understanding. On your next shot, you have to study harder and review more in order to avoid the same mistake twice.

But there are those exceptional circumstances in which your positive attitude are overflowing and felt by the interviewer. In this case, your attitude weighs more than your aptitude and it can override any negative results on your written exams.

Once you are part of the Cadetship program, all you have to do is continue building your character and knowledge. Obediently follow what your training manager says and diligently execute your assigned tasks. Consider everything as a test. The orders that you receive from him may not be the same as the commands that you will get on board but the bottom line here is how well, how fast and how efficient you handle the instructions including problems given to you by your Officers.

May the winds be on your favor.



(Image Source: 27th MMI/MMSPhil Cadetship Program – BATCH MATIKAS. You can watch their full video here.)

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