Anchor Scope and Chain Length Calculator

Anchor Scope and Chain Length Calculator

Enter two fields and press calculate

For a more in-depth explanation and additional insights into the anchor scope and chain length calculator, refer to the article, How Much Anchor Scope is Needed? We Break Down the Formulas.

How to Use the Calculator

Step 1: Enter  Two Values Only

  1. The “Length of Chain” is in shackles. 1 shackle = 27.432 meters.
  2. Anchor Scope is the ratio between the length of chain and water depth.
  3. The “Water Depth is the depth of the water in meters.

Step 2: Click Calculate

  • Click the “Calculate” button to determine the missing value.
  • The calculator will automatically calculate the missing value based on the entered information.


  • If you input a water depth of 25 meters and a scope of 7, the calculator will determine the length of chain to be 6.38 shackles


  • Enter any two fields, and the calculator will compute the third.
  • The answers are precise and you can round it off to the nearest numbers.
  • Press “Calculate” after entering or modifying any value.

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