A young Filipina saved P42,300.00 in just five months by making every P50 that she receives “invisible”.

“Yehey!!!! daming 50’s diba? dagdag savings. malayo mararating mo kapag nag decide ka disiplinahin sarili mo lalo na sa savings.”

To inspire other people in saving money, Yona Abella posted in her Facebook account how she saved a lot of money in just a short period of time. Her strategy involves a great deal of discipline and proper mindset by considering every P50 that comes to her, invisible. Whenever she receives a P50 bill, she made it very sure not to spend it.

“5mos ko po na save tong 846 pcs ng 50’s ganito ang aking ginawa, LAHAT NG 50 pesos na mahahawakan ko at invisible MUNA sakin it means di ko siya gagastusin for example nag bayad ka ng buong 500 pesos then ang sinukli sayo 4 na 50’s , yung 4pcs na 50’s dapat invisible sakin hindi ko siya pwedeng gastusin.”

Only the remaining amount that she receives which is not a P50 bill would be spent and she would squeez that budget to survive for the day.

“…kailangan yung remaining na sinukli na hindi 50’s yung lang gagastusin at pagkakasyahin ko.”

Did she used some super powers to do this or was she exempt from any form of financial problems or the propensity to spend during the challenge?

“Aminado ako before magastos akong tao pero hindi naman kasi tayo pa bata, pa tanda po tayo kaya sana isipin natin lahat ng pag gagastusan natin dahil hindi natin alam may mga respinsibilidad tayo sa buhay na dapat pag laanan ng savings.”

What about gimmicks, parties and “galaan”? Here’s how she can relate to us.

“…kasi karamihan satin nag alkansya para makapag save pero kapag gimikan o galaan game na game at dudukot o susundutin or worst babasagin ang kanilang alkansya matuloy lang ang mga wants nila pero nasa tao naman talaga ang disiplina kung pano sila makakapag save.”

At a young age, she is already thinking about her future particularly about finances. Her views about needs versus wants is also defined. Here is her advise to people especially the young ones.

“Hindi natin dapat unahin ang mga wants natin, dahil ang WANTS makakapaghintay pero ang NEEDS hindi. Need natin mag save habang bata pa tayo para pag dumating ang near future hindi tayo sobrang mamomoblema when it comes sa money kasi alam mong nakapag save ka.”

But how did she really do it? I don’t think this task is easy as pie. If it were so, we would be seeing posts about people who succeeded doing this left and right.

I believe that when it comes to challenges, there are hardships, temptations, doubts and your little devils distracting, demoralizing you along the way. But the philosophy she believed throughout the challenge made her stick to her goals. This is what she believed into:

“Sobrang disiplina ginawa ko dito kasi naniniwala ako na kapag GUSTO MADAMING PARAAN, KAPAG AYAW MADAMING DAHILAN.”

One word- Discipline. It made all the difference. You can’t buy that anywhere and it’s not an inherited trait. Every P50 that she put into her savings is an added discipline for her. And she’d been doing that for five months straight!

She wants to help motivate people in taking such challenge as this. Who knows what the future holds for this young woman if she continue putting discipline towards her goals? Who knows what you can reach if you take on your own version of money challenge?

“Sana po nakatulong ako sainyo at namotivate ko kayo ng konti. Thankyou sa mga nagbasa. Godbless”

May the winds be on your favor.

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