Maritime Review Centers Overview

Today’s review centers are fully packed with seamen in their journey of passing MARINA’s National Assessment and Certification System for Seafarers (NACSS) or simply known as the Board Exam for seafarers. Everyday, thousands of seafarers flock in every review center. Others are even looking for the right formula, the magic recipe or that great secret that will make their examination journey easy, successful and well, with less effort.

MARINA Examination and Questionnaires

But the truth is, every review center in the Philippines have the same sets of questionnaires. Maritime review centers in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, Cagayan and many other places share the same questionnaires. MARINA freely gives the questions used in their examination to the hundreds of review centers around the country including the top maritime review centers in the Philippines.

There may be few new questions introduced every often but the idea or gist of those new ones can be answered given the right study course. So the “magic trick” that makes a successful review does not wholly come from the review center themselves but also comes directly from you!

Maritime review center online

Maritime E-learner. A new way of redefining success.

Whatever it Takes

Sadly, some seafarers are still discreetly looking for MARINA’s exam leakage or those “secret questions” to make life easier. Others even pay huge sums of money to some “Ninja” who promised a sure pass technique if they buy these extra special MARINA questionnaires with answers but hidden from the public eye. It’s a whole lot of business out there fueled by greed and ignorance.

Hidden Reality in Plain Site

You can’t put the whole blame on them. That’s only the surface of what manifests from a chain of subtle cues every seafarer experiences during vacation. A seaman who wants to get their license is often bombarded with lots of training, paper works, and expenses. Every seafarer knows this.

Then comes the review. He usually gets up early in the morning and travels a few miles from home just to be on time for the review class to start. Then he goes home and face the same heat and traffic again. It doesn’t matter if he sets his schedule in the morning or afternoon. He still have to leave his home and family for more than half of the day.

Bitter Truth

Some seafarers who live in the provinces travel to the city and live there for months away from their loved ones. Their family time only lasts for weeks and then reality kicks in. Dad has to go back to Manila, Cebu or Davao for his review. His three-month vacation could extend for five or more but most of it is spent outside the family.

Another concern is the financial budget. We all know that going in a review center shells a lot of moolah in our part, right? Sustaining it for three months is not the problem. The real concern is your everyday expenses like vehicle fare, gas, food, boarding house, utilities and your family’s budget too. You not only lose time but your money as well. Such a disaster especially if nothing’s coming in and everything is going out from your pocket.

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What Your Top Maritime Review Center Should Look Like

Those are the main reasons why seafarers want to have that quick solution for their licensure exams. It doesn’t really matter what your rank is because the same problem exists no matter how many bars you have.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have your review anywhere you want it to be? Whether on board or in the arms of your family, it would surely be of great comfort if you can browse thru MARINA exam questionnaires then and there. How about reviewing those questions at your own pace? Say you drive your wife to work, send your kids to school and the rest of the time will be your review time. Wouldn’t that be great?

Then you pick them up again, play with your children and have dinner together. Once your kids are asleep, you can go back to your review with the help and encouragement of your wife. Family and career is in balance!

Once you are confident, that’s the only time you fly to MARINA and take the exam. You can have more time with your family and review without getting into traffic and everyday hassles. Wouldn’t it be great to have such kind of maritime review center?

And today, such world exists!

May the winds be on your favor.


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