Seaman’s Book renewal is now made simpler. With the introduction of online appointment, seafarers can book a schedule in advanced even when they are still on board. Given proper implementation, this method must be faster and more convenient for everyone. Walk-ins are still entertained but you must be at their branch early. First timers can apply for a seaman’s book using MARINA’s online appointment website.

Your passport may be your ticket to the world but for us mariners, our seaman’s book or Seaman’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB) is our pass to the seafaring world. International law and every local regulation require every seafarer from their respective countries to have a seaman’s identity document before they could work on ships.

Requirements for Renewal

Prepare the following:

  • A valid email address (for online applicants)
  • One long folder
  • Two Documentary Stamps

Original and photocopy of documents for verification:

  • Previously issued Seaman’s Book with photocopy of biopage and service entries
  • Sea Service Certificate
  • COC and COE from MARINA or MARINA ID for licensed officers
  • Marriage Contract (for sea woman applying for change of name)
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Uniforms with appropriate shoulder boards (for graduates of BSMT, BSMarE and Officers
  • White polo with collar (graduates of non-maritime related courses)


Preparing these requirements in advance will ensure faster and smoother processing. Bring the original and photocopy of the said documents.

Once you have all the requirements above, proceed now to the first step.

Steps for SIRB Re-issuance

1. Online appointment thru Marina online appointment website.

Upon clicking, that link will take you to another web page that looks like this:

Marina appointment webpage for seaman's book application online
This is MARINA’s website for online appointments and application including filing of COP both for seasoned seaman and first timers.

Scroll down the information while reading it before proceeding. Once you understood its content, click on “SET APPOINTMENT” at the bottom of the page or on top of it.

Important note:

They may impose strict instructions on their site especially the “only confirmed appointment will be entertained/ accommodated by MARINA”. This is correct but not for all branches.

Online Application Center

  1. SM City Manila
  2. SM Mall Of Asia
  3. MARINA Region 6 (started November 12, 2018)

2. Fill up necessary information.

After clicking the “SET APPOINTMENT” button, you will now start to fill up the necessary information needed for your Seaman’s Book.

Click on the box to fill it out one by one. You can set your desired date and time for your appointment. After that, press next and another form will appear. Continue filling it up until completed. Only the ones marked with red asterisks are mandatory. Others are optional.

This task is the part where your appointment saves time for your seaman’s book renewal. It speeds up the processing of your seaman’s book renewal since the system saves your details in their database. When you go to MARINA Office in SM Manila, MOA or Region 6 Office, the processor no longer needs to manually enter your personal information.

seaman's book renewal online appointment

3. Click “SUBMIT” once finished.

A new page will show you the form that you filled in. Double check your work to ensure that everything you entered is correct. Remember that the details you typed here will be the same information used in your seaman’s book. It’s important to have it free from errors.

SIRB application form for seaman's book renewal Online

4. Click “PROCEED” when satisfied.

Your online appointment is almost finished. Take note of the reminders on the next page. Other requirements are also listed there for your guidance. Download your application form on the “download your application form here” button.

seaman's book renewal online

5. Print your SIRB Application Form.

If you have a printer connected to your laptop or mobile device, print it directly. Or you can save it in a flash drive and print it somewhere else.

This is very important. You cannot apply/ renew your seaman’s book if you won’t present a copy or proof of your SIRB Application Form. The guard will check if you have it together with the other requirements upon showing up on your appointed schedule.

Beaman's book renewal/ Application form.

“Take note that the Appointment Office for online applicants is located at MARINA SCDD Office: 5th Level SM City Manila, Concepcion St. corner Arroceros St., Manila, Philippines. SM Mall of Asia and MARINA Region 6 Office is also available.”

6. Appearance.

On your appointment schedule, show the guards your SIRB APPLICATION FORM. He will guide you to special queue exclusive for online applicants either renewal or first time. Remember to bring with you the necessary requirements mentioned above. These documents are used to verify your identity.

During the Image Capturing section, you will be required to wear a uniform. There are uniform rentals available nearby their office.

Once the counter evaluator validates you documents, proceed to the Cash Section and pay the applicable processing fees. Regular and expedite process has different payments. Also, take note of these fee formats.

Fees and charges for regular and expedite process of your Seaman's Book.

After submitting your requirements, proceed to the windows/counters for Image Capturing with your appropriate uniforms.

Walk-in Processing/ Application Centers

  1. POEA Central Office sa Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City.
  2. SM Bacoor

It’s still not clear if you can process your SIRB application in various Regional Offices of MARINA. For more information, kindly call them at 524-2972.

Further tips.

You can also call their regional branches nearest you. Their contact details should probably be found around the Web.

7. Lastly, you have the option of…

  • a) claiming your Seaman’s Identification and Record Book at the MARINA where it was applied (within the day for expedite and next working day for regular application): or
  • b) Courier delivery to your home.

If availing of the delivery service, proceed to the Delivery Counter to pay for the delivery fee.

The last time I checked, seaman’s book renewal and application process will be much more faster. MARINA plans to install a second satellite office to ease the backlogs of seafarers. The new office will also cater walk-in and online applicants.

For more questions, call 524-2972.

Problems with Online Appointment

Lately, I checked their online appointment system. It’s user friendly and very simple to use. Filling out the forms are quick and seamless. However, I noticed one single problem that needs to be addressed. Please be aware of this before you decide using their web-based application system.

1. Latest available slot

As of this writing, available slot for 2019 is FULLY BOOKED! But this can be a two-edged sword. You can take advantage of this if the circumstances permits.

However, booking your appointment ONE YEAR ahead is quite impossible. There are many factor to consider like when you are still on board waiting for your contract to finish. When your SIRB is 9 months away from expiration and the agency requires you to renew it, online appointment may not be for you. 

How was your experience with MARINA’s online appointment system? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

May the winds be on your favor.