Seafarers are Getting Hired Using These Seaman Jobsites & Apps

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Just this year, seaman jobsites quickly became the new normal for sea-based job applications. This was the kind of hiring process that I preferred ten years ago.

Actually, I tried this approach a few years back. I emailed 100+ local manning agencies hoping to get hired. Only a handful of them responded and they all want me in their offices before checking any of my documents.

Well, I did go to their office. A two-hour wait ended up with a two-minute meeting with the crewing manager.

Many times, the ending conversation was like,

“I’ll just call you”.

Of course, we know that it won’t happen most of the time. The Bosun who applied with me shared a similar fate.

Shift to Online Hiring Process

But now, manning agencies give serious attention to seafarers looking for employment using online tools. Many seaman apps and websites became the hotspots for job applications.

Whether domestic, international, onshore, or offshore maritime career, you can get hired over the Internet. Tugboats, tankers, containerships, or barges, you can find them there.

What’s interesting is that you can clearly see their requirements and even the salary of seafarers they’re hiring.

We will tackle below a few of these websites and apps that constantly update their systems and databases to cope with the changing landscape of the online hiring process.

Web-based Seaman Jobsites for Seafarers and Manning Agencies

Here are the lists of a few websites providing jobs for seafarers as well as a hiring portal for manning agencies. Some of them are based worldwide while others focus on a specific country.

But since this is an online job market, your application as a seaman crosses borders. This is also true for manning agencies as well. Even the largest shipping companies in the world source their talents over the web.

1. Seaman Jobsite Workabroad PH: The fastest way to get on board

Previously called Seaman Jobsite, this website is the number one online job portal for seafarers and manning agencies in the Philippines.

Their simple interface helps you find the jobs that you’re looking for. I often hear my colleagues talking about vacancies in this or that company using Seaman Jobsite.

Seaman Jobsite homepge
Seaman Jobsite website.

Their goal is to provide the latest job openings for seafarers worldwide. All maritime jobs are posted by licensed manning agencies and maritime companies.

2. Jobs in Maritime: Seagoing and Shoreside Careers

Jobs in Maritime is one of the world’s leading maritime global job sites and recruitment companies. They specialize in sea-based and shore side career and has a variety of jobs suited for professionals and newbies alike.

An email for a job offer from Jobs in Maritime.
Job alert from Jobs in Maritime.

The company is based in the UK. Since 2011, they have been providing recruitment services across the maritime sector.

This includes shipping, ports & logistics, engineering, offshore energy, fisheries, heritage & social sciences, superyacht & leisure and infrastructure projects.

Jobs in Maritime is certified by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) as a recruitment and placement agency. Their MLC 2006 Certificate of Conformity is valid until August 2025.

3. Maritime Zone: Jobs at Sea

Hosted in Lithuania, Maritime Zone has a database of over 180,000 seafarers, 2,700 vacancies, and well over 1,400 companies.

Their platform also publishes insightful content that’s very informative for seafarers and land-based workers alike.

New seamen and New Companies registered in Maritime Zone
New seamen and New Companies registered in the Maritime Zone

Maritime Zone focuses their job portal opportunities on seafarers in the eastern European regions, particularly Ukraine and Russia.

From the ranks of captains to cadets, you can readily view the jobs available without the need to log in.

4. All Cruise Jobs: The global cruise job board

Most cruise ship companies have hiring partners in local countries. But this one crosses borders.

Claimed as the biggest job board specializing in cruise line jobs, All Cruise Jobs contains 1,200 cruise ship jobs from 89 recruiters.

Previously, it was part of Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs in 2000 warning job seekers of the different recruitment schemes used by scammers.

The job section fully separated from their site in 2008 and became a fully professional job board in 2009.

A well-dressed waited delivering food on a yacht.

This company is registered in England and Wales. Due to their advocacy to help job seekers, you are guaranteed that no employment scams are advertised here.

5. OceanCrew: Maritime and offshore jobs

OceanCrew offers one of the best maritime vacancies in the area. They specialize in five industry sectors namely Offshore jobs, Merchant jobs, Drilling jobs, Catering, and Cruise and Yachts.

Homepage of Maritime and Offshore jobs from OceanCrew.
Maritime and Offshore jobs from OceanCrew

What’s impressive is their array of deck and engine jobs to search with. Like a few seaman jobsites, they are not posting much about open employment in the cruise line industry.

OceanCrew also has an Android app that’s available for you. The iOS version is a bit buggy the last time I checked it.

6. Sea Career: The gateway to your career at sea

Sea Career started as a part of All Cruise Jobs (ACJ). In 2014, they merged with Marine Jobs UK to form the leading job board within the industry.

Just like ACB, they are also very keen on keeping legitimate job postings. They impose strict registration rules for recruiters and are only open to genuine employers.

That is one reason why candidates are assured that there are no employment scams in this portal.

SeaCareer - The Gateway to your career at sea. One of the best seaman jobsites in the market.
SeaCareer – The Gateway to your career at sea

With 485 maritime, offshore jobs, and shoreside jobs from 20 recruiters, Sea Career is your gateway to your maritime career. They even offer listings of STCW training course providers around the world.

7. Seafair: Democratizing maritime crewing

Seafair is here to disrupt the crewing process of seamen in the maritime industry. As we all know, the seafaring marketplace is vast but heavily fragmented.

Most of the time, the “highest bidder” gets hired first. The application process relies heavily on the backer system. This method favors connections thereby missing out on applicants with the right skills and potential.

Seafair homepage - A seafarer employment start up company. This start up will disrupt the hiring process of every seaman jobsites.
Seafair. A seafarer employment start-up company

Seafair’s innovative solution involves software tools and online assessment to test seafarer competencies.

They follow a data-driven, transparent vetting process to ensure getting high-quality seafarers. This avoids bribing, backer systems, and favoritism.

As a start-up company, Seafair is run by shipping advisers, developers, software engineers, marketing experts, and entrepreneurs with experience in companies like Uber, Microsoft, TU Berlin, HP, Oracle, Dell, and Bloomberg.

App-based Seaman Jobsites for Seafarers and Manning Agencies

Above are websites offering employment portals for the seafaring industry. They connect seafarers and manning agents all over the globe to agree on employment terms and contracts.

Next are six Android applications in the Google Play store offering job portals for seafarers. They also show vacant positions needed for different ranks on board.

Starting with a user rank of 4.0, here are jobsites for seafarers available on Android apps.

8. Sea Jobs: Merchant, Cruise, Offshore, Fishing

Sea Jobs is a marine crewing service app for ship owners. At the same time, it is also an effective job search engine for seafarers.

This app brings seafarers and ship owners together in one place and allows them to get connected conveniently.

Sea Jobs - Merchant, Cruise, Offshore, Fishing
Sea Jobs: Merchant, Cruise, Offshore, Fishing

Seafarers can explore vacancies and get in touch with employers. There are hundreds of jobs you can find that match your rank and skills.

Additionally, you can send your CV and scans of marine documents directly to companies of your choice. In this app, you can also adjust your availability date and desired salary.

9. PH Manning Agencies

Created by Medardo D. Baje Jr., this simple app lists various ship manning agencies in the Philippines with their respective licenses as registered in the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (now DMW).

Using PH Manning Agencies app enables you to send an email, make a call, and visit their website. But the most special part is that you can search for the location with one click.

The app is reviewed by 110 people giving 4.7 stars. Based on Playstore, it is downloaded by over 10,000 users.

PH Manning Agencies App
PH Manning Agencies App

10. Manning Agencies PH

Offered by Azimuth, the Manning Agencies PH app lists Philippine ship manning agencies found on the POEA website. You can find international and domestic shipping agencies here which are duly registered.

The best thing about this app is that you can use it offline even without an internet connection. Fairly new, it has a review rating of 4.1 from just six people. The app is installed 1,000 times and requires an Android version of 5.0 and above.

Manning Agencies PH app.
Manning Agencies PH.

What’s Next?

Now, I’m turning it over to you. You have the tools needed to apply for any shipping agency not only in your local country but to the whole world.

It’s time to take action. Ships require safe manning levels as per SOLAS regulations and this is a good chance for you.

It won’t be easy and surely you will meet lots of failures. But no matter what, these seaman jobsites and apps will be one of your tools to success.

May the winds be in your favor.



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