The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) is now part of our working life. If you are employed especially abroad, or wanting to travel outside the country, expect to have this kind of document.

ICVP is commonly known as Yellow Card during our previous life- the Old Normal. It was a single piece of yellow paper indicating the vaccine we took. If you are a seafarer, your first yellow card would probably be the Yellow Fever after completing the Yellow Fever Vaccine.

BoQ’s shift from walk in application to online appointment is similar to MARINA’s MISMO system and DMW’s eReg (previously POEA eRegistration. I think this should have been done earlier.


Card to Passport

The Old Normal is gone and we are now in the era of New Normal. Our Yellow Card had now become a Yellow Passport. This is because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

From a single page, our vaccine passport is now composed of my pages. It is designed that way because companies and countries now require vaccines.


Where to Get an ICVP

Just like on my previous post, you can get an ICV at the Bureau of Quarantine. You have to head on to BOQ’s ICV website and start from there.

I made a very detailed ICV tutorial from creating an account to scheduling an appointment up to releasing the vaccine passport. Knowing what to expect through that tutorial will give you an overview of what to expect.


Rescheduling your ICV Appointment

BoQ allows rescheduling of your appointment if ever you can’t make it for some reasons.

After successfully securing a slot, I got unexpectedly ill 2 days before my appointment. I wasn’t sure if I can recover earlier.

What I did was, I rescheduled my appointment FREE of CHARGE!

Actually, you can reschedule at a later date anytime as long as there is a vacant slot available.

I also discovered another thing.

You can go anytime of the day of your appointment schedule and they will still accept you.

I re-booked my appointment time at 11am to 3pm on June 29. I arrived to the site at 9am and finished everything before 10am! They didn’t asked questions but catered me instead.


Here’s how to easily reschedule your BoQ appointment.

I always include images in my tutorials including this one. Hope this guides you well enough.


1. Unequally sliced pizza

First thing you have to do is to log in to your account at

Once inside, click on the Transactions tab found on top of the page. If you are using mobile phone, that’s the one looked like a pizza unequally sliced in three.

See the image below.


Transactions Tab

Transactions Tab


2. Appointment status

Once you are in the Transaction Tab, find the confirmed transaction that you want to reschedule.

Click it and an “Appointment Status” tab should show up at the bottom. Click that one to proceed to see the option for reschedule.


Appointment Status

Appointment Status


3. Reschedule My Appointment

In your appointment  tab, you will see the confirmed appointment date and time.

You will also see the “Reschedule My Appointment” tab.

Click it and it will prompt you to Confirm your action.


Reschedule My Appointment and Confirmation

Reschedule My Appointment and Confirmation


4. Select new Date and Time

You can now reschedule your appointment. Choose which date and time suitable for you.

Once you are satisfied, click “Next”.

That’s it. You just successfully rescheduled your ICV appointment.


Successful Rescheduling

Successful Rescheduling


You don’t have to pay anything but there is one catch.

Rescheduling can only be made once so be sure to appear on the day of your appointment. If you fail, you have to book a new one and pay again.

Furthermore, you can not also change your appointment venue upon rescheduling.


Hope this helps and.

May the winds be in your favor.



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