Every exam is an opportunity for us to measure the learning that we gained through a span of time in our work and career. It doesn’t have to be fully theoretical like what the academics teaches us but the empirical and practical side is as important as ever.

But because of the pressure that we put on ourselves- the “need to pass“ that exam no matter what, high expectations from family and friends, or the resources that we poured (money, time and effort), we tend to demand a positive result on the final day of our exams.

This puts us in a situation where we are tempted to make unfair advantage to turn the tables and flip luck on our side.

In today’s time, honesty is almost a thing in the past. Whenever I ‘m lured to employ such dirty tricks, I always recite this prayer before and during the exams. There is no better remedy to an attempt to cheat than a simple yet powerful prayer.

Seaman Memories. Praying



Lord, grant me clarity of mind,

strength of the body, and

serenity of spirit,

so that I may able to answer

each and every question in this exam

as best and as honestly as I can

without the aid of anyone or anything.

Let me not resort to chances or dishonesty.

Instead, let me offer whatever the result

of this exam to You,

knowing I will do my best

and I will be honest.

After all, in Your eyes Lord, that is all that really matters.




There is this deep satisfaction and peace after completing an exam with great honesty and faith. And if the result is positive, a feeling of genuine happiness radiates from within knowing that your efforts paid off and you passed the exam with sincerity.

Today, such feeling is hard to find.


May you pass the test that you are facing today.

And may the winds be on your favor.

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