Today is my Parent’s 29th Wedding Anniversary. Since I’m a hundred miles away, I shared this song to them via Facebook made by oSerenade with my personal message. They were surprised! It made them very happy. My Mom teared up and was touched by the video. My Papa laughed so hard- his best expression of happiness. With the help of my siblings, we manage to pull this off successfully and it made their 29th Wedding Anniversary more memorable. 

We’ve been preparing this for a month already. My Papa almost forgot about this big day. He was going to a meeting but I told my Sister to stop him. Me on the other hand, was about to postpone sharing this video because of some event conflict in our place. But after I saw my Mama shared their anniversary post from last year and asked my Sis about me on why I was not greeting them on their Big Day, I held my ground and launch our initial plan. It turned out to be a blast! The plan almost turned south but we manage to turn it around. oSerenade surprise became successful ;)     Me and my Sister pulling off our oSerenade surprise for my parent's 29th Wedding Anniversary

Then and there, I realize the potential oSerenade has for us seamen. oSerenade could be one of the best way we can send our love to our family or better half even if we are on the other side of the world. It’s totally unique, cool and it’s very cost effective too.

In addition to sending gifts to them during a special event, sharing a personalized oSerenade video would resonate happiness every year especially if you are still into the courtship stage. It brings back memories even after few years pass by since Facebook will remind you of your previous oSerenade videos years before! It’s perfect for Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any normal day that you want to transform into an extra special one.

But not only that, remember those petty fights, “selosan at tampuhan” moments that happened recently? A good way to end it, say sorry and ignite the fire again much hotter than before is to send an oSeranade video appropriated with a song of your choice. And ladies, you can do that to your man, too!

Click here to learn more and visit oSerenade.

So, why oSerenade? Because your memories are priceless!  Go, let your heart speak and make those moments now.

May the winds be on your favor.

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