No More Quarantine Upon Arrival For Fully Vaccinated Travelers

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Effective February 01, 2022, the Inter-Agency Task Force no longer requires mandatory quarantine for arriving seafarers, OFWs, and other passengers.

IATF Resolution No. 159 laid out new guidelines for entering travelers as long as they met certain requirements listed below.

Guidelines for entering travelers

1. Vaccinated Passengers

  • Must present a negative RT-PCR Test taken within 48 hours prior to departure from country of origin.
  • No facility-based quarantine upon arrival
  • Self-monitor for signs and symptoms for 7 (seven) days.
  • Must report to LGU if symptoms manifest.

Travelers arriving in the Philippines need only to present their proof of vaccination to the authorities.

Recognized COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination

  1. World Health Organization International Certificates of Vaccination and Prophylaxis;
  2. VaxCertPH; or
  3. National/state digital certificate of the foreign government that has accepted VaxCertPH under a reciprocal arrangement unless otherwise permitted by the IATF.

2. For unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or individuals whose vaccination status cannot be independently validated:

  • Must present a negative RT-PCR Test taken within 48 hours prior to departure from country of origin.
  • Required to undergo facility-based quarantine until the release of their negative RT-PCR test taken on the fifth (5th) day.
  • Required to undergo home quarantine until their fourteenth (14th) day.

3. Children below twelve (12) years of age who cannot be vaccinated shall follow the quarantine protocols of the parent/s or the accompanying adult/guardian traveling with them.

4. Travelers currently undergoing quarantine as of 01 February 2022 may avail of the aforementioned testing and quarantine protocols.

Our sign-off last year was quite strict. We had to undergo facility-based quarantine and another school quarantine in our barangay.

Next month would be advantageous for OFWs and Seafarers.

The resolution also temporarily nullified the “Green,” “Yellow,” and “Red” classification of countries/territories/jurisdictions.

Entry, testing, and quarantine protocols for international arriving Filipinos and foreign nationals shall follow the guidelines above, regardless of their country of origin.

May the winds be in your favor.



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