NBI clearance online application is now well underway. With the help of online appointment, it’s now much faster and more efficient. This improvement speeds up our application and renewal transaction by removing a few steps used during the old manual way of filing.

To begin, all you need to have is an internet connection so you can book an appointment online. The payment procedure can be made on your phone and computer too. Today, the only time you will appear in an NBI outlet is when you’re going to process your NBI Clearance. But this won’t take long as long as you have your requirements ready with you.

I will explain in this article how to use the NBI Clearance online appointment system including the fees, requirements and a very important update with our NBI clearance form. But first, let’s prepare a few requirements.


  1. At least two valid ID (Government Recognized)
  2. A valid email address
  3. A working internet (with strong connection)
  4. Payment Fee (ranging from Php140.00 to Php170.00)
  5. Ball pen (If you wish to note something)
  6. Bank Account which is linked online (Online Banking Payment)

The first four are mandatory. Ball pen and an internet-linked bank account is optional since you can use other payment options. But for less hassle, I prefer online banking payment system than anything else.

NBI Clearance Online Application Procedure

1. Online Appointment 

From the comfort of your home using your favorite computer, tablet or smartphone, visit the NBI Clearance eService website.

NBI Clearance Online Application webpage

NBI Clearance Online Application webpage

Your NBI Clearance Online Application starts here. Fill up the details like the example above. After that, click SIGN UP. Don’t forget to tick the “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE”. A new window prompting you to verify the details you entered will show up. Click “YES” if everything is correct and “NO” if you wish to edit your information.

NBI Clearance Online Application Start Up

NBI Clearance Online Application Start Up with Important Reminder

TIP: You can write your email account and password for documentation if ever you forgot them.

 2. Sign in

Sign in or Log in to your NBI Clearance Online Application Appointment.

NBI Clearance Online Application Sign in Page

Input your nominated email address and password.

You will be taken to your Profile Dashboard. Make sure you fill them out correctly and click “SAVE INFORMATION”.

NBI Clearance Online Application information input

Inputting your personal information.

3. Apply for Clearance

When you are satisfied with the information you provided, click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” on the top right corner of your dashboard. Otherwise, you can still edit your information if you wish to.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Apply for Clearance

Apply for clearance to book a scheduled appointment.


You can personalize your Profile Dashboard. Click on the camera icon on your profile picture and it will prompt you to upload your most gorgeous pic. Or you can use your camera to get one.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Upload your photo

Personalizing your Profile Dashboard by adding photo

4. ID Presented

A new window will pop up requiring you to choose a valid ID. You must present this also to the NBI Branch during your appointment schedule.

NBI Clearance Online Application - ID Presented

Nominate an ID that you will bring during the appointment.

After agreeing to the terms regarding the ID that you must bring, a new window will once again show up. This time, it’s an Important Reminder regarding your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER, NBI CLEARANCE FEE and PAYMENT OPTION.

5. Appointment Details

In this section, you will be asked to book your appointment schedule and venue for your NBI Clearance Application. You have the freedom which branch you’re comfortable with going to, including the date and time of the day of your preference.


I numbered the image below for you to easily see it. Now I want to turn your attention to number 3- MULTI-PURPOSE CLEARANCE. Before, whenever we apply or renew our NBI Clearance, we always have so many options to choose from. We have purpose for local and abroad usage like travel abroad, school visa, for deportation, visa China, PRC requirement, Seaman’s Book, repatriation, etc.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Select Branch and other transactions

Selecting NBI Branch. Appointment Date. MULTI-PURPOSE CLEARANCE. Payment Option.

But now, they’re gone. Our government decided to abolish those things and decided on one purpose only for our NBI Clearance and that’s MULTI-PURPOSE CLEARANCE. As what it says, you can use your new NBI Clearance for all purposes so you don’t need to get a new one for every purpose application like applying for a job, getting a seaman’s book or travelling abroad.

6. Payment Option

Each payment option has its own specific instruction. But rest assured that they are easy to follow and are similar with each other. Just remember your REFERENCE NUMBER so you can have a smooth transaction during payment.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Proceed to Payment

NBI Clearance Online Application – Proceed to Payment

In my case, I use Online Banking so that there won’t be a need for me to go out and queue up in lines. In short, it’s more convenient for me and I can pay down to the nearest cents.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Payment Option

Payment Option – Online Banking

Payment Instruction

You will be taken back to your Profile Dashboard after selecting a Payment Option and hitting “Okay”. Ont the top left corner of your NBI Clearance online application profile dashboard, click “TRANSACTIONS” Menu.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Transaction - Payment instruction

Payment instruction.

Click on the Payment Instruction if you want to see the detail method on how to pay your NBI Clearance Application. I haven’t paid it yet so it’s still pending.

NBI Clearance Online Application - Pending payment thru Dragonpay

Payment process thru Dragonpay.

As what advised before, take careful note of your Reference Number. You will use this to pay and validate the transaction.

8. Appearance

Once you pay your NBI Clearance to any method listed above, an email will be sent to you verifying the transaction. The transaction tab in your Profile Dashboard will also change from “Pending” to “Paid”.

NBI Clearance Online Application Payment Successful

Payment Successful.

You can now proceed to the NBI Branch that you nominated on that desired appointment date. Don’t forget the requirements including the one you chose during application. Printing your online application form is not mandatory. In my case, I only showed the screenshot of that page including the Reference Number and I immediately got on the line.


Based on experience, the waiting time from you falling in line to biometrics and releasing is about thirty minutes- sometimes more or less depending on the time of the day.


Most of the government’s public services for processing documents can be done online. I also made  some tutorials on how to apply or renew your Seaman’s Book and a step by step guide in creating your POEA e-Registration profile including various errors and how to fix them.

May the winds be on your favor.

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