List of Maritime Review Centers in the Philippines 2023

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The maritime industry in the Philippines is booming once again, and as a result, so are maritime review centers. If you want to get that promotion and a bigger salary on board, you need to pass the MARINA licensure exam first.

Our country’s seafarer deployment is on track to pre-pandemic records. Opportunities for career advancements are sure to abound. You shouldn’t let that pass you by.

So whether you’re a rating or an OIC who wants to upgrade your license, be sure to check out our list of maritime review centers in the Philippines. With the right preparation, you’ll be well on your way to passing your exams and getting back to sea.

Difference between maritime review centers, training centers, and MHEIs

These three are the pillars of maritime education in our country. From school to career advancement, these institutions work hand in hand so seafarers will become competent on board whatever rank they are.

Maritime Higher Education Institutions or MHEIs are simply the college schools that provide maritime education to students wanting to pursue this career. It’s basically the first step if you want to work on board. 

They offer two courses, namely: Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) for those who want to become deck officers and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) for engineers on board.

The next pillar is the training centers or Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs). They are like a big brother to MHEIs. They offer specialized courses and training to people who want to work in the maritime industry.

Maritime review centers are institutions that specialize in preparing a seafarer to pass the maritime licensure exams conducted by MARINA. These review centers focus on providing comprehensive and intensive review courses.

The primary goal of maritime review centers is to help aspiring seafarers, particularly deck and engine officers, pass their licensure exams with a high success rate.

MHEIs are approved by MARINA and CHED while MTIs are approved by MARINA. Maritime review centers on the other hand are not required to be approved by either MARINA or CHED.

A post from MARINA congratulating the passers of theoretical examinations for marine deck and engine officers.
Image: MARINA.

Maritime Review Centers in the Country 2023

Here is a list of maritime review centers in the country that will help you achieve that goal. I listed their address, website, phone number, and Facebook Page so it should be easier for you to contact them.

ATLAS Marine Review for Deck and Engine

They are very active on social media and often post about their passers. Reviews are good and their Facebook activity is high. However, they seem to be scattered since there is no official Facebook Page.

Address: Kalaw Avenue Corner, Mabini Street, Manila, Philippines

Phone: 0998 596 7282



FB Page:

CEBU GEMS Innovation and Career Development Center, Inc

One of the leading review centers in the country. I remember their humble beginnings when they started back in 2010. Now, Cebu Gems have 86K followers on Facebook and an average rating of 4.7 coming from 591 reviews.

Address: Unit F, G/F JSU-PSU Mariners Court Cebu, Pier 1, Cebu City, Philippines

Phone: 0919 073 0599



FB Page:

Competence Management Consultancy Inc. (CompMan)

Created in 2013, CompMan is also one of the leading maritime review centers in the country boasting a perfect rating of 5.0 stars from 510 reviews.

Address: 12th Flr GE Antonino Bldg T. M. Kalaw Ave. Ermita Manila 1000

Phone: 0919 067 3052 | 0919 067 3056



FB Page:

DMAN Maritime Review Center

Started in 2015, DMAN has 36K followers on Facebook. One passer reviewed it as:

“Updated Review Materials, very accommodating and helpful staffs! Will definitely recommend it to my friend who will take the Marina Exams. 

Thanks and God bless po!”

Address: Ground Floor GOCHANGCO Building TM Kalaw Street, Ermita Manila

Phone: 0909 594 4719


FB Page:

Equator Maritime Review Center – Manila

Aside from deck and engine review, they also offer MARINA assistance for MISMO, COP/COC, SID/SRB, BOQ vaccines, training, apprenticeship, and medical.

Address: 1006 San Luiz bldg. Maria Orosa St. cor T. M. Kalaw st. Ermita Manila, Manila, Philippines

Phone: 0977 737 0850


FB Page:

Two licensure passers raising their right hand during the oath taking ceremony.
Image: MARINA.

MARINA Competency Reviewer Portal

This review portal from MARINA is free of charge. But you need to have a MISMO Account and MARINA-approved documents for final evaluation.


Maritime E-Learner 

Undergoing massive re-invention.

Address: Lipa City, Philippines

Phone: 0917 893 9912


FB Page:

Orbit Marine Manila

Though not having as many followers, Orbit Marine Manila offers STCW training courses and practical assessments on top of their review programs.

Address: 3F Intramuros Corporate Plaza, Recoletos St., Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

Phone: 0917 142 8855



FB Page:

Saint Nicholas Maritime Review & Coffee House

Another review center with a perfect rating of 5.0 from 121 reviews, Saint Nicholas is highly recommended by their enrollees. Watch out for their promo as it sometimes goes as low as Php2,500 like the one during Seafarer’s Day.

Address: W. Deepz Bldg. 1033 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Phone: (02) 7090 3591



FB Page:

SBR Marine Services Corporation-Main

Started in 1994, SBR is the longest-running maritime review center in the country. I remember having their huge green book before social media became a thing.

Address: Main Office- Suite 310-A, 3/F – Ermita Center Building, 1350 Roxas Blvd. corner Sta. Monica St., Ermita 1000 Manila

Phone: 0915 6682 136 | 0947 2064 368



FB Page:

Fortunately, there are not so many review centers to choose from. You can easily choose which one suits you best without thinking of so many options.

Unlike seven years ago when there were twenty-plus of them, it’s now down to 10! What’s more, the price drastically dropped from its high of around Php40,000 (to Php60,000) to just around Php6,000. 

One reviewer, the MARINA Competency Reviewer Portal offers free reviews.

I hope this list of maritime review centers will help you choose the best one suited for your needs.

May the winds be in your favor



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