Maritime review center in the Philippines is very diverse and competitive. There are so many review centers out there for seamen that you can’t guarantee which one really fits your needs. Today, it’s not all about the 100% passing rate everybody is claiming about. Choosing a review center should be like selecting the right food for your health. Pick the one with the most “bang for your buck” without burning your time and money but brings so much benefits to you.

“We develop Maritime e-Learner (M.E.) to give aspiring marine officers an accessible and affordable option in preparing for the board exams. With M.E., you can access online study guides to help you prepare for the MARINA’s National Assessment Certification System for Seafarers (NACSS) anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. Allow M.E. to guide you throughout your certification process from Support Level to Operational Level to Management Level.”

The first and only online maritime review center for seaman is now in full speed helping seafarers conduct their review studies at their own comfort, on their own pace. Forget the everyday struggles of going to a review center. Maritime e-Learner offers the same questions MARINA has in their database with the benefit of saving a lot of time and money too.

How much? Here’s what a Maritime e-Learner student has to say:

Online maritime review center testimonials


Why Choose Maritime e-Learner for Review?

Hassle Free

Travelling alone to your review center and back wastes a lot of energy, time and money. Not to mention you must squeeze yourself along with other people during rush hours while sweating so much. Then you have to watch out for snatchers, hold uppers and other bad guys. These struggles can affect your focus during review.

Here in Maritime e-Learner, you can forget all that. No lines, no traffic, no heat, and no smoke from buses, trucks or other vehicles. Your extra energy can be used on loving your family at the comfort of you home. You have more spare time with them too.

Can Be Accessed While On Board

Whether you are on board, in a shore leave, at home, in the beach, inside a Starbucks coffee shop, renewing your passport in a DFA Office, processing your Seaman’s Book renewal inside MARINA or attending to your business, use your spare time for review and study. Time is not wasted. You only need an internet connection to do this! Who doesn’t have one?

Affordable and Accessible Online

Wait, there’s more! Aside from the comfort it brings to your schedule, you can be sure that it won’t drain your pockets dry. Your jeepney fare and boarding house fee is saved too. It’s accessible over the internet and believe me, Maritime e-Learner website is very user-friendly and so much easy to navigate- much easier than Creating Your POEA e-Registration. Time, money and energy- our most precious commodity, is saved and preserved.

Updated Review Materials

Don’t worry about the review materials. Everything is up to date. Maritime e-Learner offers the most updated questionnaires taken directly from MARINA. These questions are the same with the questionnaires used by top maritime review centers in the Philippines.

Online maritime review center results and testimonials.


Sneak Peak of What Maritime e-Learner Has to Offer

Try M.E.

Register for a 15-day free trial and get access to sample diagnostic test questions covering all competencies included in the MARINA’s NACSS.

 Unli M.E.

The diagnostic exam is structured to address competence per function per level of responsibility as per STCW.

Pasado M.E.

Pasado is a simulation of the MARINA’s examination to boost your confidence in passing. You can take Pasado for only Php1.00 (One Peso)/ test question!

Maritime E-Learner. Revolutionizing Maritime review centers in the Philippines.

Four-bar testimonial.

Three Very Easy Steps on How to Enroll in Maritime e-Learner

  1. Buy a Membership Card from an accredited distributor. Click on the link to find one nearest you.
  2. Register by signing in with your Membership Card number and PIN.
  3. Test your knowledge and take the Diagnostic Exam anytime, anywhere!
Maritime review center in the Philippines testimonial and result

Chief Engineer testimonial using Maritime e-Learner.

Maritime e-Learner is just around the corner. If you are planning to take a review for your exam, Maritime e-Learner can help you achieve your dream. You can do this even if you are on the other side of the world. Rest assure that Maritime e-Learner’s customer support team is available for you. The future of maritime review centers is in the internet. Save your time and energy by going online with Maritime e-Learner.

Maritime e-Learner testimony

Visit Maritime e-Learner’s Website and see how much you can save for your money compared to other conventional review center. Or you can drop by Maritime e-Learner’s Office on this address:

1407 Ermita Center Building
Roxas Blvd. cor. Sta. Monica St.,
Manila, 1000, Philippines

May the winds be on your favor.


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