MARINA Implements One-Year Extension on Expiring STCW Certificates

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) approves the ONE-YEAR EXTENSION validity of all COP, COE, and COC for seafarers who are either ON BOARD or ASHORE.

MARINA Advisory No. 2020-73 series of 2020 adds another 12-month life span for STCW Certificates expiring between 13 March 2020 to 31 December 2020 from the date of its expiration.

This move is in line with IMO’s Circular Letter No.4204/ Add.5/ Rev.1.

In summary, it encourages issuing Administrations and PSC Authorities to take a pragmatic and practical approach with regard to the extension of certificates and endorsements.

Actually, all IMO member states responded by creating circular letters extending STCW certificates of their seafarers. This aims at providing continuous employment opportunities amidst the coronavirus pandemic affecting seafaring.


Do I need to visit MARINA to get my 1-year extension?

Unfortunately, there are conditions for qualifying this Advisory. We will discuss it below.

First, the application for revalidation of STCW Certificates applies to seafarers WHO HAD NOT UNDERGONE the required refresher training and/ or practical assessment of competence. 

In other words, you can revalidate your COP with 1-year extension even if you have no refresher course or practical assessment.

Second, only seafarers scheduled for deployment within 10 calendar days from the date of application qualify for this advisory. 

Furthermore, he must also have a seagoing period for at least:

  • Twelve (12) months in total during the last 5 years prior to revalidation; OR
  • Three (3) months in total during the last 6 months immediately prior to revalidating.

Third, tanker COPs shall be accepted for revalidation (1-year validity) even if expired. However, it requires two certain conditions. 

He must have an approved sea service performing duties in a tanker ship. Moreover, it must be for a period of AT LEAST 3 months in total during the preceding 5 years.

Fourth, seafarers applying for revalidation shall have a valid medical certificate from a DOH-accredited clinic.

Finally and I bet this is a good one, the Liaison Officer of your licensed manning/ shipping agency shall file the application for EXPEDITE processing. 

Therefore, he may have to ask for your MISMO account details so he can upload the following documentary requirements;

  • Letter from concerned licensed manning agency duly signed by authorized official requesting for expedited processing of the application of its seafarers; AND
  • POEA-approved employment contract.
  • Letter from concerned licensed manning agency duly signed by authorized official requesting for expedited processing of the application of its seafarers; AND
  • POEA-approved employment contract.
A black t-shirt with the word "Relationship Status" and three boxes, and the last one ticked is "Training".

I want my COP and COC to have a 5-year validity. What shall I do?

MARINA Advisory No. 2020-73 also has provisions if you want to re-validate your STCW certificates for a 5-year expiration period.

1. Affected by ECQ

If your COP and COC expire or are expiring between 13 March 2020 to 31 October 2020, you can still process them as revalidation. 

More importantly, MARINA will give you a five (5) year-validity from the date of issuance. This is possible if you have a COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS.


As we all know, the time period stated above was the height of strict quarantine measures. 

Our government issued lockdowns and travel bans during that time. This in turn includes suspension and/or unavailability of training and assessments.

Today, Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs) are slowly opening up. If you are one of those seamen affected above, now is the time to continue your training. 

Moreover, you can revalidate your COP/COC with a 5-year expiration.

2. Regular Application

Generally, MARINA encourages you to apply for the 5-year re-validation of your COP and/ or COC to avoid an influx of applications next year.

You must only attend a MARINA-approved online/ offline course relevant to your certificate. Recently, they approved a handful of training centers offering Blended Learning Mode

This method of learning is a combination of distance learning and traditional face-to-face classroom-style education.


MARINA directs Licensed Manning Agencies (LMA) and shipping companies to submit a list of crew members and their expired/ expiring STCW Certificates pursuant to this Advisory.

This is to ensure that their crews are compliant with the above-mentioned requirements.

In addition, LMAs must submit an electronic copy of the said information to The format must follow the attached template in Annex A.

Annex A of MARINA Advisory No. 2020-73
Annex A of MARINA Advisory No. 2020-73.

As you may have noticed, the provisions in that advisory explain to those who are ashore. 

However, MARINA Advisory No. 2020-64 offers additional guidance for Filipinos who are CURRENTLY ON BOARD.

COP/ COC expiring between the period 01 September 2020 to 31 October 2020 shall be automatically extended for a period of six months. 

In fact, it must take effect without the need to file for an application in MARINA

Of course, manning/ shipping agencies shall send an electronic copy of the said information to The format must follow the attached template in Annex A

Repealing old Advisories

With the release of this latest advisory dated September 22, 2020, MARINA also rescinded Advisory Nos. 2020-63 and 2020-66. 

As a recap, those two only gave 3-month and 6-month extensions. With the pandemic still raging on today, a full-year stretch of these documents will prove vital. 

All other issuances contrary to the latest Advisory are also revoked.

In conclusion, do you think MARINA handles well with regard to our training certificates during this pandemic?

Comment your thoughts.

May the winds be in your favor.



  1. Michael Juble Espina

    Sir yung bt cop ko ay expired ng mar 29 2021, pwede bang refresher kunin kasi may sched na ako at di ako aabot since matagal pa ang face to face and sept 12 join ko. Kaya last week ng august ang alis since may quarantine protocol bago umalis ng bansa

    • Gibi

      Magandang gabi sir. As per latest MARINA Advisory No. 2021 – 49, hindi na kelangan ang Refresher Course sa BT, PSCRB, PFRB at AFF as long as;
      1. Meron kang seagoing service of not less than 12 months at
      2. Meron kang attestation from Ship Master, Company, Shipowner o Manning Agency na ginagawa nyo sa barko ang mga trainings na nasa taas.

    • Eric

      Sir good evening. Yung Bt at Cop ko na expired nung jan 2021.. ano ba dapat ang gagawin ko sir?

      • Gibi

        Retraining ka sir since hndi mo nrenew cop mo.

  2. Gabriel tudtud

    Sir mula pa2019 full course ko sir di pa naka pag cop kasi fresh grad? Wat should i do?

    • Gibi

      Anong certificates sir? log in ka sa mismo at check mo dun requirements for cop application at revalidation.

  3. Jose Leo D. Silario

    how about those cop’s which already expired in between Oct 2020 to Feb 1, 2021 do they need to take full course BT, PSCRB, ATFF?

    • Gibi

      Full course kna sir since expired na. may certain provision ang MARINA kung sino ang qualified sa extension. One of which ay dapat scheduled ka for deployment within 10 calendar days.

  4. Paolo Siva

    my Refresher and updating BT COP is expiring on november 2021, do i need to take the full course again?

    • Gibi

      You may take refreshing courses. Please ask MARINA for more info

  5. Wendell

    Good day, just asking, my PSCRB cop was expiring on march 2021, should I take pscrb refresher or full course? Thank you

    • Gibi

      You may take refresher course before your cop expires.

      • Jefferson

        Sir natapos po yung onboard ko nung march 2020. tas yung BT COP ko po na expire nung september 28,2021 po, need ko po ba full course or refresher lang po? salamat po sà sagot

      • Gibi

        Magfull course na po kayo sir..

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