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When you have peace, you have contentment. When you have contentment, you are at peace. There is something about the soul that yearns for freedom and serenity.

“I will strike the Shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.”

Without any status. Without any names. But with fear of death. The disciples were afraid as to what would happen next. Though miracles after miracles were shown, a Hero whom they believed would save them, met His end at the cross. And now they are thinking, “Maybe our heads are listed next in the gallows.” What’s left were doubts and questions. Fear.

“Peace be with you.” The Book says.

After resurrection, the Word’s first salutation was “Peace.” Why Peace?

On that moment, that very instance, Peace is everything. Peace, even if He returns to the Father, must remain on them. They must have Peace within themselves first before they spread the Word and love others. There is something about Peace that separates it from the rest.

Peace is not the absence of war nor the orderly state of a community. Peace is much more than that. Peace is not a period of mutual concord between governments nor freedom from hostilities. If Peace is defined by those standards, that is not true Peace.

Is peace equal to Love? Or is Love greater than Peace?

“And now Faith, Hope and Love- these three remains. But the greatest of these is Love.”

Where does Peace sits her throne?

Love is a strong feeling. Love is passion. Love is creation and joy. Love is forgiveness. Love is holding the hand of your wife with her gray hair and wrinkled face. Love is when a dog licks your face even after you left him all day.

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But what is Peace? Is Peace also a strong feeling? A passion? Or joy. Or creation? How do you relate Peace with Love and which of the two holds more Power?

There were two monks living in a temple all by themselves. One day, the younger monk said to the old monk, “We’ve been at Peace for a very long time. My friend, we only have one loaf of bread left. Let us fight over it and see who will win and get the food.” The older monk replied, “As you wish my dear old friend. The loaf is all yours. Here, take it.” They continue to live in Peace for a very long time.

Ahh yes! Peace and Love. The same coin but on different sides. There can be Peace without love but there is no love without Peace. Peace transcends all understanding when Love blinds you of truth. Different shades of love confuses the lover but there is only one color for Peace. Love requires two beings but Peace functions best to a single entity. When you think of Peace, it creates calmness. When you think of Love it stirs emotion. Love is conditional and Peace- eternal.

“There is something about the soul that yearns for freedom and serenity.”

The soul forgets the Now and drifts to the future or relives the past. What the soul finds, the mind instantly dwells. ‘Tis quite foolish to think that the mind searches for the very thing that keeps him disturbed in order to find satisfaction and Peace. Then looks for love to find contentment, joy and acceptance- all of which he translates to Peace.

Let your Peace dwell.

Let her know how much you Love her. Send Love.

Man yearns for love thinking that finding it satisfies his emotional hunger. There is truth in it but not the whole. Man plans for the future hoping that by achieving them, would eliminate his woes of today. Again, solving problems without internal Peace is vain. And man remembers the past in order to learn from them and acquire Peace for his future. Such foolish thoughts. Have we learned enough since then?

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you.”

A Man already gave Peace to us two Millennia ago. But man searches Peace everywhere even into the sky or under the depths of the sea. People fight for Peace to gain freedom where Peace is already within reach. Peace is not in the past nor on the future. Peace is found within the present. But being in the present is not enough. You must BE the Present!

May the winds be on your favor.

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