Renew Your Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate in 7 Minutes

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It was way back in February 2009 when I had my first shot of the yellow fever vaccine with my classmates. The Bureau of Quarantine Cebu branch gave us a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate also known as a Certificate of Vaccination after that.

Initially, our yellow fever certificate is valid for ten years. When it expires, you will only pay for a printout of a new certificate of vaccination. You will receive no shots. Only your yellow fever card will be renewed now with a LIFETIME VALIDITY.

What is a Yellow Fever Disease?

Here’s a little information check. A Yellow Fever is a disease caused by the Flavivirus which is transmitted through mosquito bites. The mosquitoes got the virus from infected humans or monkeys.

So if an infected person gets bitten by that mosquito, it becomes a carrier of the virus and will infect a healthy person after it bites him.

Yellow fever infection is common in Africa and South America. Thus, the World Health Organization requires travelers to protect themselves with Yellow Fever Vaccine.

For safety measures, seafarers must get this vaccine even if they know that your vessel will not trade in those areas. Because there’s a good chance that it will.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate with Lifetime Validity
Certificate of Vaccination with Lifetime Validity

Requirements for Yellow Fever Vaccination (Renewal)

  • Old Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  • Other Government recognized ID
  • Php 300.00

Steps on How to Renew Your Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

1. Go to any Bureau of Quarantine Office.

I was in Manila so I went to the Bureau of Quarantine Office located at 25th St Port Area, Ermita Brgy. 653 Zone 68, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila.

You can also have your vaccination in Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao.

2. Drop by the guard house and tell them your purpose of visit.

Upon going inside, tell them about your purpose and show them your old vaccination certificate. You will be given a small form to fill up that you must also bring on board.

It’s not a complex form. Only basic personal info like name, address, birthday, etc.

Visitors passing through the guard house for security checks in the Bureau of Quarantine, Manila.
Guard house at the Bureau of Quarantine, Manila, Philippines.

3. Go inside the Bureau of Quarantine Building and wait for your number to be called.

Actually, there won’t be any queuing or numbering. You can go directly inside and approach the Screening Section for assessment if they are not busy with another patient.

4. Cashier

You will not also get lost inside since the Screening Section and Cashier are just very close to each other. Besides, the space is not big and you can clearly see the signs. Pay Php 300.00 and wait for your Official Receipt.

For first-timer vaccinees, the price for your yellow fever vaccine is Php1,500.00 for a Multi-dose vial and Php2,000.00 for a single-dose vial.

5. Biometrics.

After paying at the Cashier, go directly to the Biometrics Section where your details are entered and verified. On the screen, you must check the spelling of your personal information i.e. name, address, birthday, etc. Double check if all the information entered is correct because these will reflect in your yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Two staffs with their computers working in the Biometrics Section.
Biometrics Section.

6. Issuance of Your NEW Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

Sign your renewed yellow fever vaccination certificate after they give it to you. Then hand it over to the doctor just beside the Biometrics Section so he or she can sign it too.

Signing your Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
Doctor signing your YF Vaccination Certificate.

That’s it pancit! Tingnan mo ang validity nyan. May poreber!

To explain a little bit for first-timers on their yellow fever vaccine, the procedures are just similar. You only have to pay Php 1,500.00 for a multi-dose vial or Php 2,000.00 for a single-dose vial.

At syempre, tutusukin ka ng karayom. After that, they will give you a new yellow fever vaccination certificate with a ten-year validity. Just follow these steps after ten years when you want to renew your certificate of vaccination.

You can have your vaccination at the Bureau of Quarantine Office in Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, and Davao. Today, there is a new system of getting your Yellow Fever Vaccince which is through online appointment booking on BOQ’s ICV website. However, there seems to be no feature for renewing your old yellow fever certificate in there.

After renewing my yellow fever vaccination certificate in Manila, Philippines, I went straight to DFA Aseana to quickly renew my Philippine Passport. And I did it in less than an hour.

May the winds be in your favor.



  1. Anonymous

    Sir wala nabang appointment online ang revalidate lifetime ng yellow fever, aaccept sila ng walk in sa BOQ office cebu

    • Gibi

      Last time sire nagpa revalidate ako for lifetime wala naman online. Wala rin revalidation sa online appointment nila. Kung malapit ka sir, subukan mo walk-in sa BOQ Cebu.

  2. Anonymous

    Sir, bakit yung validity ay almost a month lang? samantalang sa old booklet 10 years nakalagay dun

    • Gibi

      Sir ibalik mo sa kanila at ipakita mo since lifetime na ang validity ng yellow fever pag magrenew ka.

  3. Anonymous

    Question po, any idea on how to renew the yellow fever vaccine cert if the feature is not available in BOQ online? I saw it’s available in some part of Luzon.

    • Gibi

      It’s odd why Duplicate/Re-issuance of ICV is not available in Manila as per BOQ website. Kung malapit lang po kayo, try visiting the nearest BOQ office in NCR po or you may contact their offices. I renewed my icv certificate for YF in their main office but that was before the pandemic.


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