On one of my posts, I discussed a short topic regarding why seafarers fall for the schemes of paying too much for their review on licensure exams. I also highlighted the daily struggles of seamen going through all the hassles, heat and everyday traffic just by going to review centers. To know more about its full narrative, click on the Best Review Center and How it Looks Like.

Classrooms, books, computers, and an expensive tuition fee. Those are the very first things that pop in the mind of every seaman when it comes to enrolling in the top maritime review centers in the Philippines. That’s a known reality. It has been like that for the past decades and the results were great. Seafarers got their license. But behind their success stories are sacrifices and pains only them and their family understood.

There must be a better way. You already spent thousands of hours working away from your family to provide them the life you wanted. And now, you’re going to spend your vacation time more of it on review centers? There are also trainings looming ahead. What would happen to your kids and wife? Are you just going to blindly follow the crowd and let your family know that it’s “normal” for Dad to go to Cebu, Manila, Iloilo, Davao or some places away from them again?

New maritime review center in the Philippines.

Forget the traffic. Go with Maritime e-Learner

If all those things are okay for you, then you need not read any further. But for those who are seeking a better solution, digesting this whole article will be of great help.

Online Revolution

Today, online courses are gaining momentum around the world. This means that anyone who has internet access can enroll a particular course and receive a certificate after “graduation”. A person in Cebu can attend a virtual classroom in Manila or vice versa. An academy in Hong Kong is able to accept enrollees from Davao. And a student in the US is now capable of attending a class in Australia.

The point is, education is not limited to four corners of a classroom where you bump into each others chair. For the busy bees who have work during the day but want to upgrade their degree, they find ways at night or even weekends to attend a class. Yes, it is still good to enroll in a physical classroom but for some, it’s not an option. One reason is time and distance. You don’t want to get stuck in the traffic and arrive late for a course that you handsomely paid, do you?

How is this possible with Maritime Review Centers?

Seafarers operate worldwide. In fact, the world is getting smaller and smaller with the help of internet. Communication becomes cheaper and more accessible. There are sim cards which offer internet connections as part of their roaming services. Since internet is a necessity on board, some ships provide this service either paid or free.

With this on hand, you can use it to your own advantage. Out there is an online Review Center for seafarers which offers diagnostic questions covering all competencies included in MARINA’s National Assessment and Certification System for Seafarers (NACSS). A simulation of MARINA’s examination is also available to boost your self-confidence before taking your actual board exam. Study guides are provided that you can use anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.

Whether you are looking for a review center for deck officers or a top maritime review center for marine engineers, Maritime e-Learner is just the right place for you. Customer support will guide you if you have questions regarding everything you need to know about MARINA’s exam. Imagine you are at the anchorage having internet and so much free time. You can use that for review so that when you come home, you could just directly file your exam schedule in MARINA.

This is how Maritime e-Learner bridges the gap between your family bonding and seafaring career.

Maritime e-learner. Maritime review center in the Philippines

Family time can go together with your review time. It’s possible with Maritime E-Learner!

Career Hacks

Now here’s how you can use Maritime e-Learner to gain the upper hand.

  1. While on board, enroll to Maritime e-Learner by contacting one of their distributors here. You can also click the Maritime e-Learner’s website to know more about how they can help you. No need for appearance. Everything is done online.
  2. Once you are enrolled, start browsing the questions during your free time everyday. These questions might appear on the actual MARINA exam. Remember that practice and repetition makes perfect. Do this whether you are six months, three months or a month before your vacation as part of your familiarization and “warm up”. This is the review center that you can bring anywhere.
  3. Once you sign off from your vessel, directly file an examination in MARINA. Continue reviewing with Maritime e-Learner everyday until a week before the exam. Then, take Maritime e-Learner’s PASADO M.E. to simulate MARINA’s NACSS and boost your confidence in passing. Do this again and again until you are fully satisfied with the results.


They key here is focus and discipline during your review. Seafarers are often buried in debt after a two or three-month review. By starting your maritime review early while on board, you are saving a lot of time, effort and money for your upcoming vacation. Those precious resources can be used on more important matters.


He is doing this for you. Inspire him!

Would you agree that the more time you spend reviewing while still on board using Maritime e-Learner, the more time you will spend with your family and the things that you love to do during vacation?

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May the winds be on your favor.

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