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POEA e-Registration is now well underway. Every crew should have an e-Registration profile because this will be used by your manning agencies to process your future contract . Creating an account is easy. This tutorial is divided into ten simple steps so you can finish it in less time and do other things that matter to you. But before diving into your online registration facility, here’s a background on its implementation. As per POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 13 Series of 2016, a new online registration system for seafarers will be implemented that will serve as part of the database sharing between POEA and MARINA, and will eventually pave the way for the development of a universal ID System that the government is aiming. For now, it would be better to take your initiative in creating your e-Registration Profile even if your crewing agency is not telling you so because eventually, this system will be mandatorily implemented. I discussed a brief introduction on the news about why this new e-registration services of POEA will replace our very old SRC. On this article, I will give a quick crash tutorial on how to navigate around the eServices website and create your registration profile. This is only a simple task but it may get very complicated if you encounter errors and problems.


Before you start, it would be better to gather the requirements to avoid delays heavy delays.
  • Valid email address with password – you can use the one that you used for SRN (MARINA)
  • Scanned 2×2 ID picture – just create a selfie with white background and crop it.
  • Scanned (or pictured) Copy of SIRB and/ or Passport – front page only.
  • At least one Training Certificate – image copy (pictured) is possible.
  • Laptop – better to use laptop than smartphone.
Note: You won’t submit any physical documents. Everything will be submitted online hence the name “e-Registration”. Only the details of your Training Certificates will be used to fill out some of the fields required.

So here are the easy steps.

1. Create an Account.

Visit and create an account.
POEA e-Services Home page sample

2. Sign Up.

In POEA’s e-Services website, be sure to choose eRegistration tab. Then, click Sign up Here! and enter the details on the blank fields.
POEA online system. New account registration

3. Submit.

Click Submit when you’re done and you will be shown a page like the one below. Just leave it as it is and go to your email account.

4. Email Activation.

In my case, I use gmail. If you can’t find the message in your inbox, check your spam folder.  It should be there. Then click the link at the middle of the email. If the link is unclickable, copy and paste it on your browser. Hit enter and proceed to Step 5. Email confirmation link in inbox

5. Seting Password.

You are halfway finished. You will be taken to a page where you have to set your password. Follow the instruction and click Update Password.
Setting up password

6. Creating/ Updating Your Profile.

On the next step, you will be shown to your account dashboard. Click Create/ Update Profile Now so you can start filling out your details.
Online Registration Dashboard

7. Your POEA E-Registration Number.

After clicking Create/ Update Profile Now, you will be redirected to another page. You can also now see your e-Registration Number. Take note of this as some companies will only require you to give them your eRegistration Number. Others like to get a printed copy of your profile.
eRegistration Number

8. Personal Information.

On the image at Step 7, you can see below series of Sections from 1 to 6. Those are the fields that you will have to fill out. And remember, items marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. This can be tricky because the system will not save your progress if you leave them blank.
Remember the Requirements that we prepared before the start of this tutorial, we will use them here. In Section 2, you will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your 2×2 picture.

9. e-Registration Quick Tips.

Section 3 requires you to upload a copy of your SIRB. See the note above it. In Section 5, you need to fill out the details regarding your training. If you already have a copy of it, just enter the required fields. You don’t need to write down all your training records because one is enough- unless required by your company. The rest of the sections are basic information about yourself. You can complete them if you have spare time typing your records.

10. Saving Your Work.

Click the Save button located at the bottom down section of your screen after everything else is duly filled out. If you can’t click it, review your work as there might be other fields that you left blank. That’s it! But I would like to point out that using laptop and preparing the requirements above will save you a great amount of time and temper. I used smartphone and it took me three hours to finish filling up my e-Registration profile! When you go to a new app on your phone, open a new file or just temporarily minimize the screen without finishing and saving your work, everything that you entered from Section 1 to 6 will be deleted because the webpage will automatically refresh itself when you get back. All the details that you put will be wiped out and you will re-start filling out the form from Section 1 to 6. When you use laptop, your information will stay there even if you transfer to another tab. Just don’t refresh the page. I prepared another post for those having great difficulty completing their e-Registration profile because of errorsSave a friend from wasting their time and temper. Share this post to them. Remember, sharing is caring. May the winds be on your favor.
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