“Allotment natin pre, pumasok na ba?”

As the month is about to end, we seamen are eager to see whether our allotment is delivered in the bank.

“Ewan ko Pre. Hindi pa nagtetext si Misis ehh. Tanungin mo kaya sa opisina kung napadal na nila.”

Our latest news regarding the allotment usually comes from our family or the office. But the latter could be impractical. It would be unwise to always ask the Accounting Staff about this matter especially if you do this more often. 

“Nakakahiya sa opisina pre. Halos buwan-buwan nalang nagtatanong tayo sa kanila. Nung nakaraan napadala naman daw nila ang pera ng maaga pero sadyang sa owner ang my problema. Kelan kaya marereceive yung allotment natin?”

“Huwag ako tanungin mo pre. Luluwas pa si Misis sa bayan para magcheck lng ng allotment pero wala pa pala. Mahaba pa naman pila dun. Sayang lang sa pamasahe. Hintayin ko nalang kung may balita na para segurado ang lakad nya!”

That would be the traditional way of running things on our financial side. But thanks to the internet, you can check your allotments anywhere you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

I have been using BPI Express Online to do various things with my money. It’s the most convenient way of managing your income especially your allotments without ever going to cue on ATM machines. It’s very safe too! Here are the number of ways BPI Express Online helps me:

  • Check Allotments
  • Pay Bills
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Run Budgets
  • Fund Investments
  • Send Allowances
  • Receive Payments
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay for Merchants
  • Subscribe to Investments
  • Redeem Investments
  • And a whole lot more

See your transactions including how to manage your allotment via BPI EO

If you are supporting your family, parents and  student siblings, you can directly transfer money to their BPI accounts in an instant. And say good bye to your “Pre, pumasok na ang allotment” lines every payday. You can check in a heartbeat as long as you have an internet connection.

And if you are running a budget or managing multiple BPI accounts, you can easily transfer money to and from them in just clicks and swipes. All your transactions including the money coming in and out is also recorded. You won’t have to guess or ask your crystal ball as to how much is the current exchange rate used for your allotment. Just check the amount you believed to be your allotment that poured into your account lately and divide it with your allotment amount in dollars. The result would be the exchange rate used. And one more thing, all those services are free too.

See how much allotment you receive using BPI EO

Kabaro 1: “Pre pumasok na ba ang allotment natin?”

Kabaro 2: “Hindi pa pre. Nagchat sakin si Misis kanina wala pa daw”

Kabaro 3: “Pumasok na pre kanina lang din. Baka nagkasalisihan lang ang Misis mo pre at ang allotment natin. Kakacheck ko lang online sa BPI.”

(PS: This is not a paid post advertisement)

May the winds be on your favor.

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