Byaheng Manila Requirements: Traveling From Province to Manila

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Metro Manila is still the epicenter of jobs in our country. As the government slowly reopens the capital, many of us are planning to go back to the Metro and return to the jobs we knew.

However, it’s not like we used to be. Getting out of the province is not as easy as before. Checkpoints are all over the place, especially at the borders.

Before you get out of the province and be accepted in Manila, you need to have these requirements prepared in advance.

I’m here to guide you on which of the documents are needed when traveling from your Province to Manila.

Why travel to Manila?

There are many reasons why many of us want to go back to the big city. As a seafarer myself, my company called me for an urgent embarkation. Upon checking, it seems that the crew I’m relieving is more than a year on board.

Joining a ship is one reason for seafarers. Meanwhile, others are renewing their certificates. Additionally, a few are out applying for jobs in shipping agencies.

Other OFWs may go back to their employers abroad and are completing the required documents like US Visas.

Since Manila is opening up, local workers are also going back to their offices for work. Still, a few may come here for vacation, business, or medical purposes.

Whatever the reasons, you need these documents when going to Manila.

Byaheng Manila Requirements

You can complete these requirements while in your province a few days before your date of travel. I will show you which documents are needed in the right order.

Some of them are valid for only 7 days from the date of issue so you better make sure that your date of “byaheng Manila” travel falls within those dates.

1. Flight Itinerary

Before traveling to Manila, you need to have your flight itinerary first.

You can book your flight well in advance to get cheaper rates either online or via agents.

You can either print this one on a bond paper, show it as a screenshot, or capture it using your smartphone.

Byaheng Manila first requirement: My Flight Itinerary Receipt from Cebu Pacific Airlines.
Flight Itinerary Receipt

Local government units need this document to further issue other permits required to exit your province.

If you opt for a private vehicle, you may have to provide details of it when getting your medical certificate, travel pass, and travel authority. We will discuss them below.

2. Brgy. Certification

The second document you need for your byaheng Manila requirement is a Brgy. Certification which you can get in your barangay hall.

This document certifies that you are a resident of that certain place. Moreover, it states that you are not a member of Person Under Monitoring (PUM) or Person Under Investigation (PUI).

Brgy. Certification proving that I'm a resident of Brgy. Agpangi.
Brgy. Certification

Additionally, your Brgy. Certification must state your point of origin and destination.

Included in the certificate is the date of its issuance and the amount paid. Keep in mind that this document is valid for 7 days only so you may have to “marry” your schedule with your flight itinerary.

3. Medical Certificate

Your medical certificate can be applied through an approved clinic or through your municipal health office. Its validity varies from 3 days to 7 days max.

It’s important to note that applying for a medical certificate may take up to 3 days due to the volume of applicants.

Thus, you may have to give ample time to complete all these documents.

Medical Certificate from the municipal health office proving that I have no COVID-19.
Medical Certificate

In getting your medical certificate, you need to show your Brgy. Certification, flight itinerary, and Home Quarantine Pass (HQP).

4. Certificate of Attendance

Your Medical Certificate also comes with a Certificate of Attendance attesting to your presence during the orientation on Public Health Standards for travelers.

Certificate of Attendance for the Orie3ntation on Public Health Standards for Applicants of LGU-Naval Travel Pass issued by the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.
Certificate of Attendance

5. Travel Pass

This document is also released from your MDRRMO Office together with your Medical  Certificate and Certificate of Attendance.

Your mode of exit is also shown here.

Since I opted for the FREE shuttle service of our province from Naval to Tacloban Airport, my Travel Pass shows the vehicle, its plate number, and the name of the driver.

If you opt for a private vehicle or other mode of transportation, you have to tell the MDRRMO about it so they can write the necessary details.

Do note that the border control in your province will inspect and take your travel pass.

Travel Pass issued by LGU-Naval.
Travel Pass

After getting all the necessary documents in the MDRRMO, you need to proceed to the PDRRMO or Capitol to reserve your schedule for the FREE shuttle service.

But if you use other mode of transport like public or private vehicle, you don’t need to go there.

Proceed to the next step.

6. Travel Authority

To complete your exit, you must proceed to your local PNP Office and acquire a TRAVEL Authority.

This document allows you to seamlessly pass through established Quarantine Control Points (QCP), checkpoints, seaports, and airports until you reach your destination.

COVID Shield Travel Authority issued by the NTF ELCAC Joint Task Force.
COVID Shield Travel Authority

To get this document, present the original and photocopy of the following documents:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Travel Pass
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Government Issued ID
  • OR, CR and Driver’s License for Private Vehicles

They will issue your Travel Authority after submission of these documents, After that, you can exit your province bound to Manila on your departure date.

Be sure to bring the original documents along with you while traveling.

7. Traze Contact Tracing App

Another important thing to do in your byaheng Manila adventure is to download the Traze Contact Tracing App on your smartphone before you arrive at the airport.

This app is mandatory for travelers. Airport authorities will require you to download and register on this app before they let you inside the airport.

Don’t worry. This is very easy to do. Even if you are not that techy, there is a booth at the airport specifically built to help you set up this app.

Traze Contact Tracing App
Traze Contact Tracing App

What if you want to re-book your flight?

If for some reason you want to re-book your travel or flight to a later or earlier date, this is still possible.

However, keep in mind that if you already accomplished the documents listed above, you must also change the dates indicated in your Medical Certificate and Travel Pass.

You have to go to your municipal office to change the date on your medical certificate and have it counter-signed. The same is true with your Travel Authority.

As long as your new schedule is within the validity of your travel documents (seven days), this should be okay.

But if your re-booked schedule is outside the seven-day validity of your documents, you may have to start all over again from the first step. These documents will be issued with another 7-day validity.

What’s the process when you are at the airport?

Just like any other establishment nowadays, social distancing will be implemented.

You will only be allowed to go inside the check-in counter when it’s open.  Otherwise, you have to wait in the waiting area.

Airport security will carefully check each of your travel documents including the Traze app if you have it.

Upon checking in, the airline check-in counter will also double-check your documents before they can give you your boarding pass.

Check in counter at the Cebu Pacific Airline where passengers and  crew all wear PPE.
Check-in counter

Arrival Manila

Arriving in Manila is usually smooth if you have those documents ready.

During my travel, there were no inspections and checks when we arrived. I only saw temperature monitoring devices and some disinfectant spray.

After taking my luggage, I used the “Yellow Taxi” to get to my boarding house.

Mind you guys, I paid Php406 from NAIA Terminal 3 to somewhere in Brgy. Palanan is a few meters from Cash and Carry Mall. Totally expensive!

What’s your beating Manila experience?

May the wins be in your favor.




    Coming from Cebu to Manila,p upon arrival in Manila do we still need to undergo quarantine?

    • Gibi

      Hindi na po kelangan ang quarantine

  2. Queennie Faith Deslate Jimenez

    Is this still effective as of now (October 2021)?
    I will be traveling to Manila on the 14th of October for my US VISA interview. May I ask what are the required travel documents upon entering Manila? I would really appreciate your response, thank you and have a blessed day ahead!
    I am from Tacloban City, by the way.

    • Gibi

      Hello Maam. Sorry for the delayed response. I hope your visa interview went well.



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