Arc to Time Converter

For a more in-depth explanation and additional insights into time-to-arc conversions, refer to the article, Converting Arc To Time and Time To Arc The Seafarer Way.

How to Use the Arc to Time Calculator

Step 1: Enter Arc Values

  • In the “Degrees” field, enter the number of degrees.
  • In the “Minutes” field, enter the number of minutes.
  • In the “Seconds” field, enter the number of seconds.

Step 2: Click Convert

  • Click the “Convert” button to perform the calculation.

Step 3: View the Result

  • The result will be displayed below, showing the equivalent time in hours, minutes, and seconds.


  • If you enter 90 degrees, 30 minutes, and 0 seconds, the result might be “6 hours 2 minutes 0.00 seconds”.


  • Ensure you enter valid numeric values for degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  • The result will be presented in hours, minutes, and seconds.

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